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Comic-Con 2011: In Time Trailer Features Justin Timberlake Punching a Lot of Clocks

by Theta1138   July 22, 2011 at 4:00PM  |  Views: 597
The trailer for In Time, the new Justin Timberlake movie, just hit Comic-Con, and it's actually about the last thing you would have thought that kid with the white 'fro in *NSYNC would be in: a gritty action thriller about class warfare. About the only way it could be weirder is if it featured Britney Spears.

Anyway, In Time is about a future where at the age of 25, we all stop aging and have to start working menial jobs if we want to live past twenty-six. Conveniently, we all have glowing clocks stamped into our flesh showing just how much time we have left. Inconveniently, there's no money anymore and people have to pay for things with the time they have left. Then Mr. Sexyback gets a huge time infusion and discovers, shockingly, that this whole "time instead of money" thing is designed to create a massive gap between the haves and the have-nots.

It's the latest movie from Andrew Niccol, who you might remember from Gattaca. In fact, this looks a lot like Gattaca with a little bit of Logan's Run sprinkled in, and substantially more beatings, which improve any movie.

Also, it has to have the highest ratio of "Hey, it's that guy!" of any Comic-Con trailer so far, starting with Pete Campbell from Mad Men and going all the way down to featuring that David guy from Roseanne for five seconds. It also has Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried, so we're really hoping there's some sort of tag on each to make it easy to tell them apart.

In Time opens October 28.

Source: 20th Century Fox