Go Joe - New G.I. Joe Movie Stills

May 22, 2008


The G.I. Joe movie is slated to be released by Paramount in the Summer of2009, and there’s a good chance my blog post frequency will diminish as I'm planning on cryogenically freezing myself untilthen.  New film stills are such exquisite torture.  Do you think if I bring StormShadow with me it’ll mess up the paint?  He’s not out of the box yet.  Thatshould help.By watching this movie you’re fighting terrorism.  I’m not talking about the boring kind you seeon the news.  You’re going to fightterrorism that has as its blood-soaked focal point an ageless battle betweengood and evil.


This is a battle illustrated in a yin yang cage matchbetween brother ninjas.  This is a battlepitting Commander Hawk (his muscles rippling with valor) against The Baroness (her leather suit rippling because of her huge boobs).  This is a battle that that has been fought inyour living room, and around the world, for ages. 

No trailer yet, but check the stills at the link above, but with contributing minds from movies like Transformers, The Mummy, and Van Helsing, there can be no doubt that this movie will (eventually) make your fully-posable body dance with giddy joy.