Mantenna - Thursday, January 22

January 22, 2009

The sexy ring girls of MMA, how to play "Escort Idol" when visiting Las Vegas, and the top 10 vintage celebrity's the Mantenna!

MMA Ring Girls Are Hot

Mixed Martial Arts is the greatest sport of earth. Two dudes go at it in a cage and fight for their life. It’s bloody, dangerous and extremely entertaining. The matches are full of blood, pain and guys pummeling each other in the face. Beyond the violence, there’s a prettier side to the sport, namely the ring girls. These girls know how to count, let you know what round it is and are viciously sexy. [COED Magazine]

20 Vintage Celebrity Sellouts

Celebrities have been selling out since the dawn of time. has travelled back in time to bring you 20 vintage advertisement featuring celebrities. Included in the mix are print commercials showing Chuck Norris kicking it for Action Jeans, O.J. Simpson with three legs flogging Dingo Boots, a young Brooke Shields and doll appearing in a shampoo commercial and Ronald Regan advertising cigarettes before he was president. []

Rascally Lads at COED Magazine Audition Hookers

The guys that work at COED Magazine went to Vegas and auditioned a bunch of hookers.  Spike was recently on a trip to Vegas the turned out slightly less debaucherous, but that doesn’t mean all of us can’t learn from Coed’s savvy.  They invented a game called “Vegas Escort Idol.”  Escorts are everywhere in Vegas, so you just call a few up, have them come and show them as many of their “sexy talents” as possible in 15 minutes.  Then, if you’re not satisfied with what their hawking (themselves), send ‘em packing and call up another!  In these economic times, who can afford to be wasteful? [COED Magazine]

Preacher Finds a Writer


Source: Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic / Getty Images

The rumors come and go about the on-again, off-again project Preacher. But it’s starting to look like this comic book adaptation might actually become a reality. Not only is Sam Mendes (American Beauty) signed on to helm the film, but Preacher has found a writer: John August. August is the man who penned Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Big Fish, so he’s used to material that’s offbeat. Will he and Mendes have the edge to do justice to Preacher, though? We’re talking about a priest who maims angels of death here. This needs to be gritty stuff to be done right. []

Slipknot Wants to be Bigger Than Metallica

Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn seems to believe that his Iowa metal outfit will someday be bigger than Metallica. "I think we're going to overtake Metallica," Fehn told in a recent interview. He even went on to say that band hasn’t even peaked musically. "We haven't even made our 'Black' record yet," Fehn said, "Wait until we do that. It's over, dude." Then we assume their next album will blow. []

Oscar Music Nominees Announced

With both films nominated for best original score, Slumdog Millionaire and WALL-E are atop the list of Oscar music nominees. The two films are the only contenders in the best original song category, with Peter Gabriel's "Down to Earth" from WALL-E and "Jai Ho" and "O Saya" from Slumdog. The other best original score nominees are Alexandre Desplat for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, James Newton Howard for Defiance and Danny Elfman for Milk. [Idolator]

Apple Refuses to Jump on Netbook Train

Netbooks were the highest selling computer product of 2008. The diminutive, power-sipping, ultra-portable laptops are like candy for consumers in these tough economic times.  They even go so far as to come in candy-esque colors.  However, the notoriously slow-to-the-game Apple is still hemming and hawing around creating a netbook even though the public has demanded it over and over again.  One wonders with them skipping the netbook wave on the eve of Steve Jobs’ departure, are these the first signs of the Macopalypse? []

Sony Predicts $1.7 Billion loss

Sony is facing their first year in the read in 14 years with an estimated loss of 1.7 billion dollars.  Those aren’t yen.  That’s a lot of money for one of the biggest companies in the history of companies.  Last month they unveiled a “restructuring” plan which would cut 16,000 jobs among other investments.  Now, in light of their new announcement, some analysts are saying that it could be much worse than that. []

Cash-Strapped Tesla Sweats Down Customers For More Money

Tesla has delivered 150 all-electric Roadsters to its first lucky customers and still has another 400 or so eagerly awaiting their chance to hop behind the wheel of the groundbreaking sports cars. Unfortunately for those waiting individuals, Tesla has decided to increase the price of its Roadster and even those who have already paid deposits of up to $50,000 will have to fork up the extra cash. Citing its own survival as the reason behind the decision, Tesla has bumped prices on all its Roadsters by at least $6,700. The electric car company is essentially charging customers for features that were previously offered as standard equipment. Something tells us they won't top the list for customer satisfaction this year. [Autopia]

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