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10 Best Things About the 3DS That Aren't The 3D

by Jason Cipriano   May 31, 2011 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 27,928

Source: Nintendo

Nintendo has dominated the handheld gaming market since they first released its Game Boy back in 1989. Looking back now, it's no surprise that the Game Boy saw multiple different releases before Nintendo eventually moved on to its wildly successful, and still popular, DS. As you probably know, the big N has now updated its dual screen handheld to the 3DS, which is the first device to offer glasses-free, three-dimensional gaming on the go. While the 3D offers an instant "wow" factor, things like a short battery life are unfortunate consequences. Luckily, even if you turn the 3D off there are still 10 solid reasons why it's still worth a look.

10. Stylus

Source: Nintendo

While there haven't really been many new advancements in stylus technology over the last few years, Nintendo has revamped the tool that helped make the DS a success. The two biggest tweaks that they made were swapping the plastic body for a metal one, and making its length adjustable for comfort, answering some of the most common complaints from even the most hardcore DS fans.


9. Better Friend Codes

Source: Nintendo

Learning from one of its biggest mistakes with the Wii, Nintendo has revamped its Friend Code system to be more user friendly on the 3DS. This time around, you'll only need to enter one code for each of your friends ever, instead of one code for every game. If you're standing next to someone, you can even zap your code to them and vice versa—taking all the stress out of having to input all 16 numbers manually.


8. DS Backwards Compatibility

Source: Nintendo

Compensating for the fact that the 3DS' launch lineup leaves a little something to be desired, is the fact that there's already hundreds of great games available for the system courtesy of backwards compatibility. The DS and DSiWare (compatibility coming in May) both have some amazing games available, and if you missed out the first time around, now's a great time give them some love while you bide your time waiting for the big guns to hit store shelves.


7. The Circle Pad

Source: Apic/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Appearing alongside the old-school D-pad is Nintendo's newest method of input, the circle pad. Succeeding where the PSP failed, the 3DS introduces its version of a smaller analog stick that feels both smooth and crisp. Large enough for even the fattest thumb, the circle pad makes gaming both in 2D and 3D so much easier.


6. Nyko Power Pak+

Source: Nyko

Ok, so this isn't exactly a part of the package when you buy a 3DS, but third-party peripheral maker Nyko solved one of the 3DS' biggest problems--its battery life. Lengthening the lifespan by three to eight hours, it's the first must-have peripheral for anyone who's not used to charging their old DS more than once a month.