10 Best Things About the 3DS That Aren't The 3D

May 31, 2011

Found within the "Mii Plaza" application included with the device, is a basic, yet entertaining role-playing game where you're tasked with saving your kidnapped Mii. This game hidden inside the system is incredibly addictive as it puts some of the 3DS' new capabilities (StreetPass and Play Coins) to good use, and lets you unlock some fancy new Nintendo-themed hats for your StreetPass Mii. The more times you meet someone else with a 3DS in real life, the more their character inside Find Mii levels up. It's brilliant.

1. The Promise

There's a very good chance that the 3DS' best features aren't listed here, because they haven't been released yet. Nintendo is setting the 3DS up to be one of the most versatile portable platforms on the market by providing regular updates and new extras for its owners. Within the next few months, Nintendo will be offering Netflix streaming, as well as adding the 3DS' own version of the Virtual Console, featuring games for download in addition to demos of upcoming games and 3D videos. These are just a few of the new things that have already been announced, but who knows what else the 3DS has in store for us further down the line.