DeNiro and Pacino Play Buddy Cop

August 18, 2008

Michael Mann brought us the unprecedented film Heat in 1995. Unprecedented because both Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino starred in it. Interesting fact: if you watch it closely, you won't find any scenes where they are both in the same shot. Well, it looks like these two legends of cinema will finally share the screen (or share it again, depending on how you look at it) in the upcoming Righteous Kill, which releases this September. Take a gander at the awesomely uncensored red band trailer after the jump.

Of course, one might rightly question the logic of a story that involves two police officers both on the wrong side of 65, but nevermind. The important thing is that they are both wielding guns and badges. It will be hard to match Heat, but it's a chance for director Jon Avnet to redeem himself after the abomination that was 88 Minutes. It will also give us one last hard-hitting police thriller with DeNiro and Pacino before they start writing their bucket lists.