Max Payne Comic-Con Panel

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Max Payne at San Diego Comic-Con 2008

Perhaps director John Moore said it best in describing this movie. “It’s not minimum pain. It’s not medium pain. It’s Max Payne.”

Moore seems confident that the film version of
Max Payne will hold up to the quality of the game, despite the fact that video game movies still don’t have the best reputation (we all remember the Super Mario Bros. debacle, even if we wish we didn’t). For Moore the difference is in the quality story of Max Payne that truly makes up the entire game experience. “The main challenge is not to screw it up. When you take the controller out of a gamer’s hand, you have to give them something very exciting in exchange.” Moore went on to talk about the use of subjective view points to ensure the audience would feel they are right there with Max Payne, “Let’s kick the shit out of the camera and make you feel like you’re there.”

Mark Wahlberg looks pretty bad ass in the clips which he attributes to a combination of his “street cred and arrest record.” After Invincible and The Happening, Whalberg’s excited to kick a bit more ass in Payne. But with Whalberg you’ll get what you expect. Cold eyes, sneering, and a bad ass attitude you can’t deny.

The real news is
Mila Kunis getting in touch with her inner ass kicker. She’s gone through weapons training, both firearms and baton, to prep for the film and gets to “kick ass in five inch heels.” No offense Mark, but what am I looking at you in trailers for? Mila Kunis kicking ass in five inch heels? Yes, please.

Moore also told a little bit about the tech used for the “bullet time” events in the film. Not wanting to redo John Woo or the Wachowski Brothers, Moore utilitzed a “phantom camera” which is essentially a digital hardrive capable of shooting 1000 frames per second. There was a tease of bullet time in the last clip and it looks pretty snazzy.

Max Payne doesn’t look to be anything more or less than what you’d expect. But since you’d expect a decent action movie with some cool effects and hot chicks with guns, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Today also marks the release of TWO Max Payne Posters:



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