Worthington and Theron are Tourists

August 4, 2009

Tom Cruise seems to have walked away from a lot of projects in order to pursue the film Wichita, an action film to be directed by James Mangold (and actually no longer called Wichita). Because of this, lots of little holes in other projects are opening up and Australian Sam Worthington is stepping up to fill one of them.

Worthington is taking Cruise's spot in The Tourist, and he'll star alongside Charlize Theron. The actress has stayed faithful to the project, which is the only reason it's still going forward after Cruise bailed:

Theron has been attached since last year to play a female Interpol agent who uses an American tourist in an attempt to flush out an elusive criminal who was her former lover. The Australian actor will play the American tourist.

This could easily become another generic spy vs. spy kind of movie, or it could be awesome. Time will tell.

Does this movie have a better chance of succeeding now that Cruise has dropped out? Would you rather see him or Worthington in this movie?

Source: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images