Sabin Rides out the Storm

by   February 10, 2011 at 10:33AM  |  Views: 695

Chris Sabin takes the reins of the blog while Alex Shelley recovers from his injury. Check out how Sabin keeps a positive attitude among all the chaos.

First off, I was asked by a lot of people lately how my partner Alex Shelley was doing, and I didn't have an answer for them. But for all who asked, I just received an email from him and it doesn't sound too good. He explained it as a weird boney chunk that protrudes out and that he's having trouble doing the simplest tasks. It sounds brutal, man. Get well wishes out to Alex Shelley, it sounds like he really needs it! Take care of yourself, brother.

For anyone that wonders why Professional Wrestling is awesome, they should come to a live event. Myself and the crew just got back from rocking Europe and having fun doing it. Lyon and Paris, France to Berlin, Germany, Dublin, Ireland, (Which will go down as one of my favorite crowds over), to Glasgow, Scotland and then down to Manchester and London for some massive crowds. It was an awesome time. Thank you, Europe!

I got to spend a couple relaxing days in warm Orlando, Florida right after the tour as we had our bi-weekly TV tapings. I wasn't on, but wasn't shedding a tear either after the travel just endured. I still had a good time enjoying the sun and the warmth of Florida before heading back to a snow-covered Michigan. My wonderful girl Jamie...I mean Velvet...flew home with me from Orlando and even though there was a big winter storm coming in, our Delta flight landed 30 minutes early. Riders on the Storm we are.

Now, I am sitting inside my room, snowed indoors, and thinking about what else to write. I am the happiest I have ever been, even though there seems to be a lot of chaos going on around. I think it will all be for the better though.

Stay positive, it does amazing things.


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