Sexy Baristas at Chicka Latte

April 4, 2008

imageIf you're looking for another reason to avoid Starbucks, look no further than Chicka Latte coffee.With three new locations in the Seattle area, the upstart is trying tocorner the market on making caffeine sexy with provocatively dressedbaristas. Owner Darin Benofsky (a.k.a. my new personal hero) says that "if you've ever dreamed of your favorite barista dressed as a nurse,sailor, cowgirl or firefighter, then this is the place to come."

I'lladmit that I've never imagined a barista dressed in anything other thanan apron and pleated pants, but clearly I haven't been imaginativeenough. The lovely ladies of Chicka Latte may choose among several provocative outfits, including getups for a cheerleader, sailor girl, police officer and (my personal favorite) female referree.

You can see some of the girls in action courtesy of this video from