Top Shelf Tuesday - October 6

October 4, 2009

Tuesday is almost here, and you know what that means--it's time to start thinking about the latest hot releases. Luckily for you, we sift through the seeds and stems give you the legitimate gems.

Source: Codemasters


With the release of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Codemasters returns with the sequel to their popular sim-style Cold War-themed shooter with a new modern setting in which tensions are high between China and Russia. Hailed as not being a "Rambo"-type game, going lone wolf in this hyper-realistic first-person shooter will often get you cut down in the line of fire. Success in Dragon Rising is more often measured in steps where every decision you make on the battlefield needs to be carefully considered and expertly executed. So strap on your boots and prepare for a down and dirty battle to the death.

In NBA 2K10, the #1-selling, #1-rated NBA video game of last year aims to deliver an even better basketball experience with the newest addition to the series. NBA 2K10 sports many all-new gameplay components, including the My Player mode, which lets you take an up-and-coming player and set him on the path to a professional basketball career. With enhanced graphics, an updated roster, and top notch attention to detail, this year's iteration of the NBA 2K series is shaping up to be the strongest entry to date.



Source: Columbia Pictures/Paramount

Jack Black and Michael Cera's prehistoric comedy, Year One, shows us a different side of these comedians -- kind of. Harold Ramis helms this one, which you can now pick up on DVD if you loved it in the theater. Lots of extra features abound: a gag reel, a Line-O-Rama featurette that shows us alternate actor improvisations that didn't make it into the film, the Year One: The Journey Begins featurette, and deleted scenes, among others. You will have enough of these two comedians to keep you going for awhile, in the event you didn't get enough of them the first time you saw the movie.

Did you love This is Spinal Tap and always wish there was a documentary out there that covered a real band in the same way? Well, that's pretty much what Anvil! The Story of Anvil is, and if you were one of the unfortunate souls whose city did not host the film when it was released this is a must have for music and film lovers alike. The bonus features include a great commentary by the director Sasha Gervasi and the band's founding members, Steve "Lips" Kudlow and Robb Reiner (not the director). Also, Metallica's Lars Ulrich gives a half-hour interview about the group, praising them up and down. On top of that there are deleted scenes -- so what are you waiting for? Anvil needs to be seen and heard.



Source: Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Goodnight Unknown is the second solo album from Dinosaur Jr’s Lou Barlow. It was recorded at Ear Knife by Lou Barlow and at the Hobby Shop by Andrew Murdock. Most of the tracks on Goodnight Unknown are immediate, melodic pop songs that Lou has described as a cross between his later work with Folk Implosion and his earlier work with Sebadoh. Lou has been hitting another musical stride of late and it looks like Goodnight Unknown will be another alternative classic under his belt. Sounds good to me.

Losing Feeling is a new 4-song EP from the Southern California punkers No Age. All four songs were written in the band’s practice space. “Genie” was even recorded there, with the other three were recorded at Infrasonic Sound. Losing Feeling will be available as a 12" vinyl EP and as magical, invisible, digital files, but not as a compact disc. Get this!

Did we miss anything? What are you looking forward to picking up this week?