Mantenna - Wednesday, December 16

December 16, 2009

Jessica Simpson may have been intimate with Tiger Woods, Roy E. Disney dies, and Nickelback somehow gets named group of the decade by Billboard...whatcha gonna do when the Mantenna runs wild on you?!

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Jessica Simpson and Tiger Woods May Have Been Intimate

A tabloid magazine is inferring that Jessica Simpson may have had a fling with Tiger Woods after the two were photographed together in July at the AT&T National Pro-Am golf tournament in Bethesda, Maryland. According to a source, "Tiger liked what he saw and let her know it.” Jessica decided to go for it because she knew her relationship with Tony Romo was on the fritz (they announced their break-up two days later) and Simpson wanted to extract revenge. According to the mag, “Jessica said that she felt like Tony wasn’t paying attention to her, so she was like, ‘What the heck!’ She decided to have fun with Tiger whether it bothered Tony or not.” Go Tiger! [Star Magazine]

Toby Keith Makes Racist Gesture

Toby Keith is in hot water for making a racist hand gesture during an impromptu performance at the Nobel Peace Prize afterparty. The country music star was jamming with Will Smith and Wyclef Jean, singing "Rapper’s Delight." Approximately 26 seconds into the song Smith rapped the word “yellow” and Keith reportedly “pulled back his eyes in a stereotypical expression.” The gesture outraged two Asian organizations with the Asian American Justice Center issuing a statement, “Toby Keith embarrassed himself and his country, denigrated the Nobel Peace Prize, and offended Asians and Asian-Americans by using a crude, racist hand gesture.” Keith has yet to publicly apologize. [New York Daily News]

Roy E. Disney Dies

Roy E. Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney, has died at the age of 79. He became a member of the Board of Directors in 1967 and was largely responsible for ousting Ronald William Miller as CEO in 1984 for Michael Eisner, and then again helped oust Eisner in 2003 for Bob Iger. He always had a large interest in the animation Disney produced and was a key player in reuniting Disney with Pixar. Before 1967 he was a writer, director, and producer who helped win the studio many Oscars. The Magic Kingdom is a little less magical today. [Cinematical]

Al Pacino to Play a Theatrical Lech

Al Pacino has optioned the rights to The Humbling, a novel by renowned author Philip Roth. The story follows a theater actor who, in his golden years, tries to revive himself through the love of a younger lady. This actually sounds like a nice change of pace for Mr. Pacino, who’s known for playing detectives and head honchos who chew up scenery like bubble gum. It will be nice to see what he can do with a role that doesn’t require him to interrogate anyone, or at least to do a bare minimum of this.  [The New York Times]

Nickelback Named Group of the Decade by Billboard


Source: Scott Gries/Getty Images

In what could be proof that the world is most definitely coming to an end, Nickelback has been named the group of the decade by Billboard magazine. Billboard released a list of the top music acts of the past decade based on chart success, with the list being compiled by tabulating the rankings on the Billboard Top 200 albums and the Billboard Hot 100 songs lists from December 4, 1999 to November 28, 2009. Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" was also named the top rock song of the decade. Barf. [The Star]

A Pornography Scandal in Golf that Doesn't Involve Tiger Woods

A Florida man has been stripped of his country club privileges after he accidentally let a porno get shot on the local golf course. Apparently when a risque "photographer" asked to take pictures of women posing around his condo (which borders along the golf course), the home owner agreed to let the man (who likely rocks some sort of pony-tail and finely trimmed facial hair) use the abode. However, things got out of control when the alleged photographer actually filmed pornography on the nearby golf course, leading to the home owner's golfing rights being revoked. So who was watching the porn to discover all of this? [Huffington Post]

Angry AT&T Customers Plan to Bring Network Down

Fake Steve Jobs, the alter-alias of Newsweek's Dan Lyons, is calling upon disgruntled AT&T users to protest comments from AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega that smartphone (specifically iPhone) usage is responsible for their network issues and his plan to end unlimited data plans. The post, dubbed "Operation Chokehold," asks AT&T customers to use as much data service as they can on Friday, December 18th at noon. While Fake Steve Jobs is notable for its satire, many Twitter and Facebook users seem to be rallying to its cry. It is unclear if there will be enough support to cause any major issues. [The Diary of Fake Steve Jobs]

Student Gets Banned from College Campus for Facebook Status Update

Turns out Facebook status updates are a bannable offense at the University of Minnesota. 29-year-old mortuary science student (!) Amanda Tatro was apparently distraught over a bad breakup, and subsequently posted on the social network that she wanted to stab "a certain someone in the throat" and that she was also "looking forward to Monday's embalming therapy." Not surprisingly, that was all it took for instructors to get more than a little concerned, and phone up the police. Tatro later said she's now set her profile to "private." Those Facebook privacy settings will get ya everytime! []

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