Jon Gosselin is Heckled, Continues to Act Douchey

August 31, 2009

Reality television dad Jon Gosselin was the guest of honor at his own pool party in Vegas over the weekend, though not all guests were happy to see him.

The newly single dad from TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8 appeared poolside at the MGM Grand Hotel’s Wet Republic pool party. As the 32-year-old made his way down the red carpet he was heckled by a group who screamed out “Team Kate.” Gosselin seemed nonplussed by the incident, probably because he was the main attraction at a pool party with hundreds of women in tiny bikinis.

It seems being a single dad to eight kids is taking its toll on Gosselin. According to reports, Gosselin looked “disheveled - [with] puffy bloodshot eyes, blotchy skin, stubble, and greasy hair” while walking the arrivals carpet. Once inside he was teased by a group of guys about his “weight, bald spot, hair plugs, and wardrobe.”

Gosselin took this all in his stride as he mingled with single ladies, got a bunch of phone numbers, drank champagne ,and did his best douchebag pose for the camera. He was apparently paid $15,000 for the appearance.

This dude’s living the American dream!

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Source: Ethan Miller/Getty Images