Wolverine Fights Nazis

June 11, 2008


That sounds about right.  Filmonic has some spy shots of the set of the new Wolverine biopic X-Men Origins: Wolverine, being filmed in Australia showing Wolverine himself dressed as an American WWII G.I.

The Marvel Directory explains the chronology with his mutation saying that his healing powers may also give him an extended lifespan allowing him to fight in WWII as a young man, and then fight magneto as a young man, and then try to bed phoenix as a young man.  That’s a helluva hat trick.    

Sadly, though, the chronology also suggests that he received his adamantium claws/skeleton and status as Weapon X after WWII.  So, although he'll be fighting zombies, he'll be doing it as an everyman mutant with ultra healing powers and extended life.  Take what you can get I suppose.

Man, almost every Indiana Jones movie did the same thing where the good guys (or any guys, really) fight Nazis in order to automatically make the movie rad.  I wonder why anybody would ever deviate from such a surefire recipe for bodaciousness.