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Top 10 Things You Should Buy Your Girlfriend

by girls   August 21, 2008 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 26,651

Girls love presents and they really love guys who give them. However, buying a girl a gift is one of the hardest things a man will do in life. I always shudder when it nears a girlfriend’s Birthday or Christmas or Valentine's Day, let alone being spontaneous and buying her something just for the sake of it. I figure the best presents are the ones you both enjoy. The ones where she feels good about herself and you get to watch. So these are the top 10 things you should buy your girlfriend right now.

#10 Elliptical

This sounds like a medieval torture device but girls sweat it. They love the low impact and that it works out both arms and legs. You’ll love the view.

#9 Horse

Get back to nature with a romantic horse ride. Tell your girlfriend that your ancestors travelled cross country on a horse to start a new life. Also, go when it is hot and make sure to pack a picnic and a rug. The gentle up and down of a horse is sure to put her in the mood.

#8 Yoga DVD

Girls love yoga and guys should to. It’s a great way to get fit and flexible and who doesn’t want that. Buy her a Yoga DVD and watch it together. It the ultimate chick-flick. Then you can try out the moves together.

#7 Slip N' Slide

It’s a fact that when it’s summer girls get hot. It’s also a fact that the best way for a girl to cool down is with cold water. So buy your woman a slip n’ slide. It’s the only way to cool down.

#6 Stripper Pole and Lessons

Stripper poles are so in at the moment. There are stripper pole gym classes, Carmen Electra is doing it and Jenna Jameson sells her own branded version. So it’s time to hop onto this craze and get your girl dancing.

#5 Jump Rope

This is an oldie but a goody. A jump rope will remind your girl of when she was younger and girls like to feel young.

#4 Trampoline

If you live with your girlfriend and have the space then there is no excuse not to have a trampoline. Buy one now - they are awesome! If things get a little boring between the two of you, then invite friends over and have a trampoline party.

#3 Pogo Stick

The pogo stick can be difficult to master but that’s what makes it such a great present. It’s also an acceptable form of transportation. So if your girlfriend’s having trouble with high gas prices then this is the gift for her. Just make sure she spends a long time practicing.

#2 Wii Fit

The Wii Fit is already a classic present to give your lover. What better way to get your girl into video games. Nintendo deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously, they have pretty much ended the battle of the sexes.

#1 Vibra Pro 5000

This vibration exercise device is absolutely amazing, plus it has 5000 in its name. Anything with a number in its name is worth buying. This machine literally vibrates your women into shape. She just stands there and vibrates. Every part of her bounces and she feels great because she just worked out. This machine will change the world.

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