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The Top 10 Women Who Need to Eat a Cheeseburger

by girls   February 02, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 4,041

Hollywood’s skinny obsession is out of control. The emaciated look is fashionable, but most guys like some curves, breasts and something to hold on to. These women also make men’s lives miserable by being bad role models and setting unrealistic body image standards for our girlfriends. So if you see any of these extremely thin women, do us all a favor and give them a damn cheeseburger.

Source: Digital Vision / Digital Vision / Getty Images

By Nick Coles

The following article does not represent the opinions of Spike TV or its affiliates.

10. Jennifer Connelly


Source: Marcel Thomas / FilmMagic/ Getty Images

Jennifer Connelly is literally half the woman she used to be. The formerly buxom brunette is now flat-chested and boney. What happened to the ample bosoms on show in The Hot Spot (see NSFW pics here)? On the press tour for The Day The Earth Stood Still, Ms. Connolly looked gaunt, starving and ghostly. It’s like the world actually ended and there's nothing left for Jennifer to eat.

9. Claire Danes


Source: Jason Merritt / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Claire Danes has been around forever and is skinnier than ever. I saw her recently presenting at the SAG awards and it looked like they asked a giraffe to hand out a trophy. Danes is actually skinnier today than she was 14 years ago, when she played a 15-year-old sophomore on My So Called Life.  Like Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Danes seems to be aging backwards and today resembles a prepubescent child.

8. The Olsen Twins


Source: Michael Loccisano / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who PETA affectionately refer to as the “Trollson Twins,” are known for their boho-chic look and immense power over impressionable young girls. The duo have a clothing line in Walmart for girls aged 4–14 called "Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls."   Mary-Kate and Ashley, a.k.a. the Twiggy-dee and Twiggy-dum of Hollywood, probably designed these clothes so they’d have something that actually fit them.

7. Victoria Beckham


Source: Venturelli / WireImage / Getty Images

If aliens from outer space came to earth, they would think Victoria Beckham was one of their own. The Spice Girl and wife of soccer player David Beckham looks like a skeletal alien, with matchstick-thin legs and cartoonish breasts. Victoria is using the 'stress excuse' and saying her weight loss is a result of stress over her husband moving to Europe to play for AC Milan. More likely she’s stressed over moving to Italy and being seduced by pasta, pizza and pancetta.

6. Kate Moss


Source: Dimitrios Kambouris / WireImage / Getty Images

The heroin chic look is the fault of Kate Moss, who popularized the emaciated look. This look isn’t natural, but she manages to look this "good" on a diet of booze and drugs. In a recent interview, Moss blamed the fashion industry for her skinny physique. She said "I didn't eat for a long time. Not on purpose. You'd be on shoots with bad food or get on a plane and the food would be so disgusting you couldn't eat it. You go to a show and there's no food at all ... I remember standing up in the bath one day and ... I was so thin! I was never anorexic ... I remember thinking, I don't want to be this skinny." Hmmm, there’s a really easy way not to be skinny – it’s called eating.