Mantenna - Thursday, November 6

November 6, 2008 uncovers some interesting facts about the fairer sex, Craigslist tries to crack down on online prostitution, and why rapper Mos Def is facing some time in a Las Vegas's all after the jump in today's Mantenna!

5 Things You Didn't Know About Women

The old saying "Men are Mars and Women are from Venus" is totally true – women are a mysterious bunch. A guy can spend his entire life trying to get to know their girl and after twenty years still be surprised by them. Thankfully, has put together a list of things you didn’t know about women. For instance, did you know that women get blue balls, that one out of every 10 women have never reached orgasm and that females buy more cars than men? It’s all fascinating stuff and, armed with this knowledge, you are sure to get closer to your lady. []

Craigslist Cracks Down of Prostitution

Craigslist is cracking down on illegal prostitutes advertising their services on the popular website. With the help of law enforcement agencies in 40 states, Craigslist says they will require "anyone who posts an 'erotic services' ad to provide a working phone number and pay a fee with a valid credit card.” This will stamp out those conducting illegal activities and make it easier for legitimate escort services to advertise their services. However, there is a loop hole. The agreement does not cover personal ads, which are commonly used by prostitutes looking for “dates." [Wired]

Obama Making Technology a Priority

A list of 12 quotes from Junauza from Barack Obama made throughout his campaign suggest in no uncertain terms that some of the most dramatic changes we’ll see in this new administration will be in the arena of technology.  It’s already rumored that he’ll invent the official position for a technology advisor, and that Google CEO Eric Schmidt will get it.  Looks like the intertubez are about to get Barack-rolled. []

How To Be a Pervert with Your Digital Camera


The Flipbac is a $20 add-on for pretty much any digital camera.  It’s nothing fancy.  It’s just a mirror that allows you to see your LCD viewfinder from a different angle.  It also lets you and every creepy Japanese upskirt porn site aficionado broaden your online portfolios. [DVICE]

Some Die Hard, Some Die Bad

Marc Forster, director of the upcoming Bond film Quantum of Solace, is lined up to direct a remake of a Korean film called Die Bad. The film, based on the Korean movie of the same name, centers on four different stories about gangsters and machismo, and will be written by Brad Ingelsby. The most obvious problem of this remake – at this point in time – is the title. Die Bad is like the grammatically disabled step-brother of Die Hard and is likely to be the source of many jokes if Universal doesn’t wise up and eventually change the title. That said, Forster is a smart pick for this action drama, considering the praise Quantum is already generating. Looks like the director of Finding Neverland found his one-way ticket aboard the money train. [Cinematical]

Girls Kick Ass

A new behind-the-scenes video about the making of the much anticipated Watchmen film is here, and this one is about girls. Not just everyday girls, but girls who kick ass...and happen to look good in superhero costumes. At this point fans are probably losing their minds with anticipation for the upcoming film. Director Zack Snyder has a lot of expectations to meet for this movie to be successful, seeing as a lot of fanboys have been waiting over 20 years for it. It’s like Star Wars all over again. []

Mos Def Might Be Going To Jail


Las Vegas police have issued an arrest warrant and are on the lookout for rapper Mos Def over an alleged attack of a fashion event photographer in August. The actor/rapper is facing charges of felony robbery and malicious destruction of private property after he ripped a camera off a photog, smashed it on the ground and then took off with the busted equipment. [Billboard]

Soldier's Essay Scores Him a Mustang

Ford recently asked Mustang fans to express their love for the pony car in a 250 word essay for a chance at winning a new 2010 Mustang, and thousands of Ford diehards did just that. Ford narrowed the field down to just 25 entrants, and let the community pick the top prize winner. The victor is Kory Chesher of Edgewater, Florida, a U.S. Army Specialist with the 101st Airborne Division who is currently serving in Iraq. He recalled first gazing upon a '68 Mustang fastback at the tender age of six when the car pulled up next to him and his father, and he'd been saving to buy one ever since. Chesher will be taking delivery of the car during the 2010 Mustang debut at the 2008 LA Auto Show. [Ridelust]

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