Re-Do: Samurai vs Viking

October 24, 2010

New Weapons:


Yari has been added.

Shield has been added to the Kanabo (Yes, Samurai had some shields, too).


Bardiche (early Halberd) has been added.

Instead of throwing Spears, the long range is Hunter's Bow.

Burda has been added with the Shield.


Katana vs Longsword. Edge = Katana.

The Katana is much more faster than the Longsword. It also has greater slashing power and stabbing power. (Yes, you can stab the Katana)

Naginata vs Bardiche. Edge = Even.

Both of these slashing and stabbing polearms are very similar. I strike it hard to choose an edge to the either.

Yari vs Great Axe. Edge = Great Axe.

The Yari a cool spear, but the Great Axe is much more powerful and deadly.

Yumi vs Hunter's. Edge = Yumi.

The Yumi Bow is more accurate, and has longer range. The Hunter's Bow was used to shoot flaming arrows into a village to torch them.

Kanabo vs Burda. Edge = Even.

Both are very great crushing weapons, each large blocks of wood, holding either large strips of steel, or a bunch of small steel ball bearings.

S. Shield vs V. Shield. Edge = Viking Shield.

The Samurai Shields were strictly used for defense, not offense. The Viking's Shield however was better with the offense section.


A large burly Viking climbs to the top of a large hill. He sees a large village. He is ready to pillage the village, but for once he uses his brain. He starts a fire, where he lights an arrow in flames. He readies his hunter's bow, and shoots the flaming arrow.

The arrow landed in the middle of the village, where many people start running, but all were devoured by flames. All except for one. He made it out of the burning village. He saw the Viking and brought his yumi from his shoulder. He readied the arrow, and it sailed by, but just missed the Viking.

The Viking pulled up his shield and grabbed his longsword. He advanced toward the Samurai, and tried to slash, but the Samurai's katana was lifted up and and it's speed caught the Viking by surprise. The Viking was able to catch his balance, and was able to hit the Samurai with his shield. The Samurai was knocked away. He leaned on a tree, where he found a naginata.

The naginata slashed onto the top of the shield. The Viking brought the longsword on the naginata, and it felled to the ground. The Samurai brought a kanabo from behind his back. He started pounding on the Viking's shield. Eventually, half of it broke off. The Viking's arm was now a little messed up. He ran to his little campsite back on the hill and revealed his bardiche.

The Samurai dropped his kanabo and pulled up a yari. The two warrors got closer to each other. The Viking slashed his bardiche but just scratched the Samurai's chest armor. He lifted his shield up for extra protection, and stabbed with the yari. It gashed the Viking in the arm. The Viking punches the Samurai for a distraction. He pulled up a burda.

The Samurai's shield was crushed by the burda. It then hit the Samurai's shoulder. The blow dropped him and made him roll down the hill. The Viking pulled down a great axe which fell on the Samurai's head. Luckily, the blow was deflected by his large helmet. The Samurai got up, having a hell of a headache, and pulled out his katana again. It first slashed the chainmail on the Viking. He tried to hit back, but as he was readying the axe, the katana stabbed him in the stomach. Blood squirted out of his abdomen, and he dropped his great axe. He fell down, dead. The Samurai muttered, "That's TWO Vikings I've killed..."

Samurai: 517.

Katana: 120.

Naginata: 104.

Yari: 111.

Yumi: 99.

Kanabo: 83.

Viking: 483.

Longsword: 101.

Bardiche: 106.

Great Axe: 103.

Hunter's Bow: 85.

Shield: 39.

Burda: 49.