Winner's Bracket; Modern, Round 9: SWAT vs KGB

December 2, 2010



Benelli M4.

Baton/Billy Club.

Taser Shockwave.



Camera Gun.

Shoe Knife.

Dead Drop Spike.


LWRC-PSD vs Skorpion. Edge = LWRC-PSD.

The PSD has greater range, and with the SWAT kavlar on, the Skorpion won't kill with chest shots.

Benelli vs Camera. Edge = Benelli.

A semiautomatic shotgun versus a one shot camera? Benelli: FTW, Camera: FML.

Club vs Knife. Edge = Even.

This might sound weird, but the knife won't get past the kavlar, and the club isn't used to kill, it's supposed to knock you down.

Taser vs Spike. Edge = Dead Drop Spike.

The Spike actually kills anyone trying to open up a message, where the Taser stuns someone and doesn't really kill, unless it hit you in the face or in the veins or something.


A mayor is pronouncing to the large room, saying many things, blah blah blah. To keep him safe from any attackers, he hired a six man group of SWAT operatives, but one man in a leather coat pulled up a camera and took a picture. It came out, with the mayor talking, but he said to the SWAT Team, "Um, can you get rid of this guy?" A member of the SWAT Team walked over, but before he could say, "Okay pal, fork up the camera," he turned and took a picture, and a bullet came out of the lens, and hit the SWAT in the eye, instantly killing.

The rest of the SWAT Team pick up their guns and shoot, and the KGB spy is riddled. But five more people in the large group come out, shooting, sending the people in the crossfire to run away, and the mayor hid behind the podium. Eventually, one of the KGB shot a SWAT in the head.

SWAT: 4. KGB: 5.

The KGB operatives run away into the building, but the last one was shot in the back and neck, and he fell down, dead.

As the KGB ran on, they turned a corner and split up, but one hid against the wall, ready to hit anybody with his knife extended on his shoe. A SWAT member came, and he was kicked dropping his shotgun, but the knife didn't penetrate. Seeing his failure, the KGB pulled out his skorpion and shot the SWAT in the head. But the other SWAT member behind him shot him in the chest.

SWAT: 3. KGB: 3.

The SWAT moved on, and also split up. One walked in the center of the building, and he set up a taser shockwave. He then heard whispering inside a bathroom, and he kicked it open, seeing two of the KGB's. One was quickly shot, but the other bullet wasn't there, he was out. The other ran out, holding a small tube, but the SWAT hit him with the taser.

The KGB was paralyzed, and the SWAT, with a reloaded shotgun, shot the KGB. He picked up the tube, pulled out a plastic bag labeled 'Evidence', and went to where he saw the boss go. He met up with him, asked him what the tube was, and he said they'd investigate it back in the truck.

Right then they heard a barrage of bullets shooting, and they saw around the corner another SWAT go down.

SWAT: 2. KGB: 2.

The KGB that shot the SWAT member down looked around the corner, where the two SWAT shot him down. Thinking they killed all of them, they ran back to the truck.

Minutes later, the boss was investigating the tube, and then he noticed he had to twist the cap off. The other SWAT was scanning the outside of the building, looking if they missed any KGB, but when he heard an explosion from inside the truck he ran to it, seeing the boss blown up. Right then another KGB ran out and saw the SWAT. He shot him, but it bounced off his kavlar. He shot, and killed the KGB.

SWAT: 1. KGB: 0.

SWAT: 606.

LWRC-PSD: 361.

Benelli: 233.

Baton: 8.

Shockwave: 4.

KGB: 394.

Skorpion: 297.

Camera Gun: 16.

Shoe Knife: 9.

Spike: 72.