Minor League Baseball Team Bans Beer at Park, Declares Bankruptcy Shortly After

August 5, 2010

The St. George RoadRunners dared to answer the age-old question “Will anybody watch minor league baseball in a stadium that doesn’t serve beer?” Shockingly, the answer was a resounding “no.”

The RoadRunners operate in the state of Utah – which prohibits alcohol sales at these types of events – and were forced to ban all beer sales at all home games.

It appears this might have hurt their bottom line.

"The RoadRunners have simply run out of money," said CEO Will Joyce. "We tried everything we could think of to encourage attendance, and nothing seemed to work.”

Perhaps bootlegging beer in the men's room might have helped?

"I know it was a controversial issue, but beer sales was critical to our success here, in terms of increasing attendance, increasing revenue, and as a factor in attracting necessary outside capital investment. It simply makes no sense to operate a minor league franchise without beer sales,” he said.

Yes, the controversial act is selling a controlled substance that every other state in the country endorses as perfectly safe.

Let that be a lesson to any baseball team floating around the idea of “Sobriety Night” around the marketing department. Babe Ruth implied it first, and Homer Simpson said it best, “I never realized how boring baseball is without beer.”

Photo: Comstock/Getty Images