Red Lobster No Longer Allowing People to Feel Good About Themselves

September 23, 2010

A University of Kentucky Football player decided to celebrate the team’s recent success with a trip to America’s most affordable seafood shanty. It appeared to be an excellent choice until the waitress served him his crab legs with a side of spite and extra helping of demoralization.

Randall Cobb, the team’s star wide receiver, was wearing some Wildcats garb to the restaurant. Obviously, the lobster wench thought she would discuss the local sporting team with a man she assumed was a fan by asking him “How many more games do you think we will win before we're horrible again?”

(Yes, somebody who couldn’t recognize the school’s best player used the collective term “we” when referring to the team.)

Cobb seemed to take things personally, as he exited the restaurant and Tweeted “congrats Red Lobster just lost a top customer. Man I really wanted some of those biscuits too!”

Come on! The man just wanted some biscuits.

How many more lives have to be ruined before somebody puts an end to Red Lobster's terror? These types of shenanigans would never happen at The Olive Garden.

(Side note: Kentucky is expected to lose to the Florida Gators by at least three touchdowns this weekend. So, to answer the probably unemployed waitress' question… one.)

Photo: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images