Aztec Jaguar vs Apache

October 10, 2010

Mexico's brutal killers who used some of the most horrifying weapons face off against the Apaches, known for killing and fending off Europeans.

Weapon Changes:

Apache: None


The Tecpatl has been replaced with a Quahololli, a stick with a thick piece of wood at the end


Macuahuitl is the same

Atlatl is the same

Tematlatl is now replaced with a Huitzauhqui, a club similar to the macuahuitl

Short Range:

Quahololli vs Tomahawk:

Edge: Tomahawk, as you can throw it and it penetrates flesh and bone easily.

Mid Range:

Macuahuitl vs Knife

Edge: Macuahuitl, since you can rip and tear with it easily, as well as use the tip to smash.

Long Range:

Atlatl vs Bow and arrow

Edge: Bow and arrow. Though it may not epentrate the Aztec's armour, it is much more powerful than the atlatl and more accurate as well.

Special weapons: Huitzauhqui vs War club

Edge: Huitzauhqui, a smaller obsidian chainsaw is always better than a stick tied to a rock.

Armour: Chimalli shield and quilted cotton armour vs mobility.

Edge: Aztecs, because some armour is better than none.

Let the Battle begin!

A small Apache scouting party has been sent to scout out the southern area, below even the Comanche's. All but one, the biggest and most experienced of them all were killed by the Comanches and strangely clothed warriors whom the Apaches did not recognize.

10 metres, away, an Aztec Jaguar sees this intruder. He thinks about how he would be a good sacrifice, and throws a spear.

The Apache never saw it coming. The obsidian tipped spear embedded itself into his side, cutting into his liver. He pulled it out, but half the obsidian had fragmented into it. Angry, the Apache fired an arrow in the direction of the thrower. At the same time, the Jaguar jumped out of hiding, and the arrow bounced right off his cotton armour.

The Apache fired another arrow, only to have it lodged into the shield. Now the Jaguar was close, very close, and wielding a spiked piece of hard wood. The Apache countered with his knives, but they were all smashed away. All but one, which the Apache threw with great strength into the Jaguar's chest.

It did not go deep because of the cotton, but it did puncture his right lung, just at the very bottom. The Aztec booted the Apache in the face and pulled out his club, and the Apache countered with his tomahawk.

Sending a crushing downward blow, the Jaguar growled in anger and then used his shield to knock down the Apache. But Apache had a trick: he pulled his club out rapidly and struck a blow on the Jaguar's knee, not breaking it but forcing him down. Before the Apache could make one final blow, the Jaguar smacked the club onto his face, stunning him. Then he pulled out another spiked piece of wood, but much smaller and leaner.

He did not kill, only cut apart one of the Apache's feet to prevent escape.

A few days later, the Apache was lying down on a stone table, held down by four priests. A fifth one jabbed a knife into his diaphragm, then removed his heart. The Jaguar, still recovering, was well rewarded for his sacrifice.


aztec Jaguar:552


Macuahuitl: 315

atlatl: 83

Huitzauhqui: 149



Knife: 200

Bow and Arrow: 90

War Club: 6

The real winner was armour, which nullified the Apache's long range advantage. Also, the macuahuitl was devastating.