Courtney Love Hates Ryan Adams

July 21, 2008


Courtney Love, one of music’s true class acts, posted a not-so-brilliant open letter on MySpace directed at alt-country rocker Ryan Adams.

In the letter she accuses Ryan Adams of using $858,000 of Frances Bean Cobain's money to fund his 2003 album Rock n Roll. Courtney claims that the money was stolen “STRAIGHT OUT OF FRANCES"S TRUST FUND” and was used for Ryan's gear, hotels, drugs and dinners at Nobu. This chick is out of her brain.

does that makje youf eel like a big man ? stealing from a suicide? A MARTYRED HERO? ... as God Is My Witness Ryan you will pay back every fucking penny of this. 858,000 dollars for Rock n Roll ? wow you were living large- most people reading this dont even know what record or even artist im referring to , as your just this cult americana wanna be dylan thing-
still shooting smack? hows that going for you?

Ahh snap! I’m down for the whole rock beef thing, but this bitch needs to learn how to type before she can start talkin' smack via the internets.