Napoleon Bonaparte vs. George washington

September 20, 2010

Weapons-Napoleon bonaparte:

close range-Briquet

mid range-Brace of pistols

Long range-12 iber-foot artillery.

special weapons-Bayonet


George washington-

close range-Dueling sword

mid range-Brown bess

Long range-Mortars

special weapons-Iriquois knife


Close range-edge: Briquet. It's larger and more powerful.

Mid range-edge: draw. The brace of pistols may have more firepower, shoot one and pull out another, but with the brown bess reload speed and power make it a draw.

Long range: Mortar: the longer edge and damage gives it the edge.

Special weapons-Edge-knives. Faster attacks, easier to stab and then pull back out.



Battle:On a hill, napoleonis watching george washington's camp, a minuteman, george washington and, 3 Soldiers are sitting around a campfire. Napoleon orders the cannon to be loaded. The order is given to fire the cannon. George washington hears the explosion and looks up, a cannonball lands near the fireplace, killing one of the men, they run to their positions, they fire the mortar at Napoleon, it misses and kills one of his men instead. Napoleon gallops on his horse and stabs one of Washington's men. Napoleon's men open fire on the Yanks, killing two.One of the men comes up and slits one of Napoleon's soldiers throats. He stabs the other one in the back. George washington picks up a brown bess and shoots napoleon's other soldiers. He thruts at Napoleon, he parrys it and cuts Washington in the leg. He falls of his horse, and grabs Napoleon's arm, forcing him to the ground. He slashes napoleon's chest. Napoleon falls and pulls out one of his pistols, he shoots at Washington, it hits his hat. George stabs at Napoleon, it misses and gets stuck in the ground. Napoleon sees and opportunity and shoots washington in the chest. Washington Lays, wounded. He picks up an iriquois knife and throws it, it hits Napoleon in the back.  He pulls the knife out and tries to grab his briquet, Washington grabs Napoleon's arm and snaps it, he drops his Briquet, and crouches to the ground. In pain, grasping his arm. Washington goes to grab a brown bess and finish the job, but napoleon grabs a bayonet from the musket of one of his dead soldiers, When washington puts the brown bess up to Napoleon's head, he fires, but Napoleon had already pushed the musket to the side and stabs washington in the throat, then kicks him, he turns and shouts:Victoire pour la France! (victory for france) calls his horse and rides away.


Winner: napoleon Bonaparte


Briquet: 245

Bayonet: 35

12 iber foot cannon: 114

Brace of pistols: 200






George washington:

Dueling sword:172

Brown bess:124