CES Shaping Up to Be the Battleground for the World's Smartest TV

January 10, 2012

Source: Getty Images

New technology brings new competition to the companies at the ground zero battleground that is the Consumer Electronics Show. This year, the arsenal of choice seems to be "Smart TVs".

All the major players including Samsung and LG are rolling out their newest lines of Smart TVs for the tech hungry masses right out of the starting gate.

Samsung has fired the loudest shot so far at CES. Their new model is not only the thinnest set of the bunch, but it's also powered and controlled by a high definition camera and microphone. Viewers can actually operate just about every feature on their TV with voice and motion control. All you have to do is say "Hi TV" or "Web Browser" to operate the TV and you don't have to spend another minute hunting for the ever elusive remote.

LG fired back with a 55-inch Google TV model with similar motion and voice controls on a peripheral that one Washington Post blogger said "looks a lot like the Microsoft Kinect."