Mantenna - Wednesday, Febuary 3

February 3, 2010

Madonna gets a table for one, Kate Beckinsale gets three dimensional, and infrared cameras know their's the Mantenna!

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Madonna Gets Dumped

Madonna and her much younger Brazilian boyfriend Jesus Luz have called it quits. The 23-year-old underwear model reportedly dumped the queen of pop because of their difference in age and lack of common interests. Madonna is 28 years older that Luz and 14 years older than Luz’s mom. The break-up is said to be amicable. [Sun Times]

Los Angeles County Says “No” to Condoms in Porn

In a blow to promoting safe sex, Los Angeles County has knocked back a request by AIDS activists to make condoms mandatory in pornographic films. The request came after several performers tested HIV-positive last year. The county said the decision was made because of difficulties in regulating and policing such an ordinance. Dr. Jonathan Fielding, the county's public health chief, said, “It is very, very difficult to implement. There are roughly 200 production companies with about . . . 1,200 actors. All you need is a room and a camera and a bed, basically, to do this kind of shoot, and we have no ability to police this." So fellas, just because porn stars don’t wrap it up, doesn’t mean you shouldn't! [LA Times]

High School Football Stars Choose Where They're Going to Avoid Going to Class in College Next Year

The NCAA Football signing day has come and gone with the best and brightest prospects in varsity sports selecting where they are going to secretly be paid to play sports. The University of Florida had the best day of any school with 17 of the nation's top 150 top prospects committing to become Gators, while Arizona State University was in an 87-way tie for last place with zero. [ESPN]

Straight Talk from the Barbershop

If you like value authenticity and time-honored traditions, you should head over to for a look at their new webseries for Shop Talk. Starring actor Malik Yoba, the series promises to show what's really "on the hearts of men" through visits to the barbershop. If these guys can't tell you what's up, then we don't know who will. [BET]

Nexus One Update Fixes 3G, Adds Multitouch


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Google has released an update for the Nexus One that will fix the 3G connectivity problem users have complained about and add limited support for multitouch. After receiving over 1,500 messages in a support forum from people complaining about trouble connecting to 3G, Google said it has identified the problem and has started delivering the fix. In addition to fixing 3G, the update adds the first applications to support multitouch. While the recent versions of the Android OS include multitouch capability, no phone in the U.S. has supported it until now. [Info World]

Infrared Cameras Can Spot the Tastiest Beef

Good meat is about more than proper marbling. Apparently quality of fat has a lot to do with its flavor, which is why researchers are re-purposing cameras to tell the best cuts from ones that are just "okay." Two teams of Japanese researchers have been using infrared cameras to detect Oleic acid (which signals the presence of tasty, tender omega-9 fatty acids) in Hida-gyu beef. In a recent trial, 14 out of 24 experienced beef experts confirmed that beef determined to be of higher quality through infrared photography testing really was. Now, the team hopes to refine their process so that it's more accurate, while I hope whatever they discover can squeeze into a modded iPhone and correlating app. Yum! [Examiner]

Terrence Malick is Has a Heavy Duty Cast

Christian Bale, Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem, and Olga Kurylenko have all signed onto the newest film that Terrence Malick is going to write and direct. The movie is described as an “untitled love story.” Intriguing. After watching The New World, it’s hard not to be curious about what the director’s got up his sleeve. [Deadline]

Kate Beckinsale Gets Roped into Doing Underworld 3D

Doing her damndest to get out of it, it’s become official that Kate Beckinsale will be back for Underworld 3D which, despite the title, will not be a remake of Underworld in 3D. The title really makes no sense, but then, neither does the franchise at this point. And Beckinsale seems to agree, as she’s haggling to make her part as miniscule as possible. Guess she’s not excited about spending more time on set with her husband Len Wiseman, who’s going to direct this one. [Bloody-Disgusting]

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