Lessons from Escudero

December 13, 2008

I realized a long time ago that more often than not when it comes to fighters there's more than meets the eye. So I shouldn't have been surprised to learn this was the case with Efrain Escudero, lightweight finalist on this season of The Ultimate Fighter. But it did.

We first met Efrain pretty early on this season when Junie got in his face, egging him on and calling him a pussy. It was, well, kind of shocking to me, the way Efrain was able to brush all that off and remain calm in the face of this drunken jerk. Up until then he had seemed kind of smug, and a little cocky. Even while the whole scene was playing out, you could see the look on his face. You could see that it was getting to him, but something was holding him back.

When it was all over, I put it out of my head and didn't think about it again. That is, until I had the chance to interview him. I asked him several questions, but saved the best for last. I asked him to look back on the entire season and tell me one thing that he took away from his experience that he wanted the public to know, something we didn't get to see on the show. His answer was yet another shock. It made me take pause and I relearned that lesson I thought I knew well: that fighters are usually very deep people. Check out what he said.


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