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The Top 10 Most Inappropriate PG Movies

by spike.com   June 08, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 35,832

5. Jaws

Source: Universal Pictures

For a PG movie, Jaws is really hardcore. The thing that makes it so raw is that it’s not done as a straight up horror film. If it was made today, that’s exactly what it would be--a gory bloodbath with a shark eating everyone and everything in sight. Rumors are swirling about a remake and we're guessing it will be R-rated. With that said, the fact that Jaws is more of a drama/thriller makes the scenes with a little blood and carnage that much more graphic. Take the scene where Quint gets eaten alive. That s*** is graphic for even today’s standards. I find it too funny that if you watch the film on basic cable now, they always edit the crap out of that scene. Why? Because a guy gets gnawed and swallowed by a freakin’ shark!


4. The Outlaw Josey Wales

Source: Warner Bros.

1976’s The Outlaw Josie Wales is an incredible film. Watching a peaceful Missouri farmer take revenge on a band of pro-Union Jayhawkers for the brutal rape and murder of his wife and family is always a great movie-watching experience. Revenge movies are as American as apple pie.  Although, looking back and thinking that this film was only rated PG is tad bit crazy based on today’s rules. It’s hard to believe that the two rape scenes, full-on nudity, and the massacre of at least 200 union soldiers didn’t put parents into an uproar after taking their kids to see the Clint Eastwood classic. The ‘70s sound pretty awesome if you ask me.


3. Poltergeist

Source: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists

Poltergeist is ridiculous. We all know this. But can you really believe that parents actually took their children to go see this in the theater back in 1982? I’ve read countless comments all over the Internet from people that were petrified to death as youngsters because they saw Poltergeist at such a young age. The clown scene alone is enough for a PG-13 rating these days. And don’t even get me started on the bathroom scene where the guy rips his face to pieces. Repeat: A grown man rips his face off! Getting away with the creepy clown stuff is one thing, but letting extremely graphic images of a person tearing skin off of their skull make the PG cut is a completely different story. Love the ‘80s.


2. Sheena

Source: Columbia Pictures

It’s ironic to think that both Sheena and The Beastmaster were both rated PG and both show scenes of the luscious Tanya Roberts stripping her clothes off for adolescent audiences. The Beastmaster only has a quick scene of nudity, but Sheena on the other hand, shows almost every single nook and cranny of Tanya Roberts. Mama leaves nothing to the imagination. Released in 1984, it also seems that Sheena was one of the last movies with such racy content to get away with a PG rating. This movie is really meant for veiwing on Cinemax at three in the morning. Tanya Roberts is the only Queen of the jungle. 

1. Watership Down

Source: Nepenthe Productions/Avco Embassy Pictures

They sure don’t make kid-friendly animation like they used to. I guess the makers of the 1976 film Watership Down didn’t think young children would have a problem watching on as lovable cartoon bunnies got ripped to shreds right in front of their very eyes. Some of the scenes in this movie are so graphic that I honestly thought they were fake the first time I saw them. They are that brutal and bloody. The realism of these scenes makes the movie very unique and special for an animated feature, but how it only got a PG rating is seriously astonishing. Seriously.

The reason why this move is the most inappropriate of the lot is because it looks like a cute cartoon movie about some lovable bunnies, when in fact it’s actually a dramatic look at a group of rabbits trying to establish a new home. This s*** is no joke and most definitely not for the faint of heart.



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