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The Top 10 Most Inappropriate PG Movies

by spike.com   June 08, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 36,457

Thanks to the explicit violence and gore in the films Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Gremlins, parents went completely nuts on the Motion Picture Association of America's PG rating in 1984. After this drama, the MPAA immediately introduced the PG-13 rating and children under 13 were screwed forever. But what were movies like before this groundbreaking event? It was the Wild West, y’all.

10. Airplane!

Source: Paramount Pictures

A lot of movies rated PG from the ‘70s and ‘80s featured brief to even straight-up nudity as well as raunchy subject matter. Most seemed to be wacky comedies with pointless plots. That’s a ton of films to choose from a single category, so I had to go with just one to get my point across. How could I not pick Airplane!? It’s one of the greatest comedies ever made. It also has a ton of visual material that would most definitely not squeeze by unnoticed for a PG rating today. Kitten Natividad’s amazing bouncing boobs are one of those very big reasons. Others include a guy getting stabbed in the back on the dance floor, girls getting punched directly in the face, and some foul language. What’s not to love?


9. Sixteen Candles

Source: Universal Pictures

If only they made awesome coming-of-age films like this today. F*** all that Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens bulls***, I want boobs, booze, and barroom language in my teen flicks!

I love it how John Hughes is able to mix real-life, adolescent hijinks with fairytale-like endings into his films. Now I’m not saying that this movie has a dude drawing pictures of dicks like in Superbad, but there’s enough risqué material in Sixteen Candles for it to get an R-rating nowadays. Ironically enough, having a scene where a dude eats a girl’s birth control pill is probably even enough grounds to give it the PG-13 stamp.


8. Swamp Thing

Source: Embassy Pictures

Adrienne Barbeau. Yummy. The amazing cult cleavage of Adrienne Barbeau has kept sci-fi dorks across the globe satisfied for many years now. In my opinion, no movie showcases them better than Swamp Thing. Thanks, Wes Craven. Can you imagine being a 13-year-old kid in 1982 going to see this movie in the theater? It must have been the greatest day of a lot of young boys' lives. Seeing Adrienne Barbeau wash up in a foggy swamp is a must-do experience for every young kid. Thanks, PG Rating!


7. Barbarella

Source: Paramount Pictures

For a movie released in 1968, Barbarella might be the rawest of them all. Jane Fonda’s gravity-defying strip session in the beginning of the film is enough proof that this movie got away with some serious s*** that would absolutely not fly in today’s PG world. Another classic example of this film’s balls-to-the-wall material is Dr. Durand's sex organ. "The Excessive Machine" is basically a giant musical instrument that plays with the female genitalia. That’s some straight porno s***. We all grew up in the wrong decade, people.


6. The Bad News Bears

Source: Paramount Pictures

Forget the fact that this movie was rated PG when it was released back in 1976, the original Bad News Bears are even too racy for today’s standards. Why? Answer: This is a freakin’ kids movie! For starters, their coach, Walter Matthau, gets hammered 24/7, a ridiculously young Kelly Leak (Jackie Earle Haley) chain smokes cigarettes, and every single kid on the team swears at will. Although nothing compares to the things that come out of mouth of Tanner Boyle’s mouth. The dude is a little league badass. And I quote: “…a bunch of Jews, s***s, ni****s, pansies, and a booger-eating moron.” What?! Do you realize how unbelievable it is that a 10-year-old said these words in a major motion picture for children? If this happened today, the filmmakers and parents of the kids would be burned at the stake. For real.



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