Nas and Nick Cannon Attempt to Save Hip-Hop with a Racist PSA

August 4, 2009

Nas and Nick Cannon have apparently taken it upon themselves to try and save hip-hop. Too bad they have to use racist imagery to do it.

In this new ‘PSA’ just released online, Nas uses the memorable Star Wars space text to warn everyone that hip-hop is going down the wrong path and that it will be permanently annihilated if not changed immediately. He then shows us what the future holds if we don’t stop the insanity. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “Eat That Watermelon.”


Why did they have to make the song so catchy? A crappier song would have gotten the point across a little bit better.

I also find it funny that Nas is complaining that hip-hip isn't intelligent enough. This is coming from a guy who got famous by rapping about Scarface and being a larger-than-life criminal.

Source: Columbia Records