Let's Rock: Apple Announces iPod and iPhone Updates

September 9, 2008

Apple is holding it's Let's Rock event in San Francisco today, and they've unveiled a variety of new products and updates to existing ones.  Read on for the details on the new Nano, the new iTunes, and updates for your iPhone.

The new iPod is slimmed back down from the previous version, and is still available in a variety of chic/garish colors.  Like the iPhone before it, the new iPod features an accelerometer so when you turn it sideways to scroll through album covers it reorients its screen to a widescreen aspect ratio.


The new iTunes still infuriates me because it refuses to recognize all my mislabeled, allegedly stolen MP3s in a way that I like.  But if you insist on not using Winamp, you do get a new feature called Genius Playlists.  Basically, you tell iTunes to build a playlist around a single, linchpin song that you choose.  Then it picks the appropriate parts out of your library to make said playlist.  No more mix tape confusion.


The iPhone, too, gets updates.  The 2.1 update will be sent out on Friday and will reportedly "fix a lot of bugs."  Gizmodo says that means less call drops, crashes, better battery life, and a faster sync.