Jonathan Levine to Direct Cancer and Zombies

January 19, 2010

Fortune can change really fast in Hollywood. One moment director Jonathan Levine couldn't get arrested in tinseltown, the next he's lined up two exciting new movies to write and direct. Luck is being a real lady for him these days.

The word on the street is that, as well as I'm With Cancer, the Seth Rogen/James McAvoy comedy Levine's directing, he's also grabbed up a novel that has yet to be published titled Warm Bodies, based on a short story called I Am a Zombie Filled with Love. And we were just starting to fear that we'd never see another zombie movie ever again.

Levine, the director of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and The Wackness, will be writing and directing the zombie flick, and is even purported to soon be turning in a draft before he starts shooting on I'm With Cancer next month. The guy's a machine.

The Playlist provides a few details about the project:

The project is set up at  Summit Entertainment with producer Bruna Papandrea (an executive producer of Milk and producer on The Marc Pease Experience and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh) and it will be based on a forthcoming unreleased book called Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion based on the authors own short story I Am A Zombie Filled With Love. We're told the book is fantastic and that it's a darkly comic, existential zombie romance set at the end of the world.

While I'm not thrilled that Levine is dipping his toes into what is already extremely saturated water, it seems that if anyone can provide a new take on the zombie genre it's him. The idea of sentient zombies with consciences is interesting, if not terribly intriguing.

But can he realistically jump right into a new project before he's a week and a half away from production on another? Will either of these films suffer from his busy schedule? We'll just have to bide our time and wait for a trailer -- or trailers, as the case may be.

Source: Donald Bowers/Getty Images