Kanye West Now Believes He's "God's Vessel"

March 3, 2009

More of Kanye’s asinine verbal sewage from this week’s episode of VH1 Storytellers has been hitting the web and these new quotes have to be the worst yet. My head is about to spontaneously combust.

Kanye was quoted as saying: "...my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live." This man had the balls to say that God "chose" him and that he is "God's vessel." Oh my Lord!

I guess Mr. West believes that he has some kind of advanced musical talent that normal people don't possess.

Kanye even went on to talk about gay issues:


If a black man from Chicago was taught to stand far away from gay people because he didn't want to be accused of being gay. What would happen if he'd run into a gay man? What's the talk? What would he learn, what would I learn? I learned that people in Chicago were wrong and I had been an a**hole all along. Think about it - I don't offend people, I don't put anyone down. Do I name names or bring people down? That's not my thing. But I give myself big-ups. I feel good about the music I make.

People really need to stop supporting this man. He does not deserve it.

Source: Soul Brother/Getty Images