Men More Accident-Prone in the Presence of Beautiful Women

March 8, 2010

Ever wondered why you become accident-prone when you meet a beautiful woman? Well, it turns out there’s a very real scientific reason for your behavior.

A new Australian study shows that men participate in activities that involve greater “physical risk-taking” when an attractive member of the opposite sex is around. The change is triggered by a quick burst of testosterone, which causes men to take more chances and, according to the study, “throw caution to the wind.”

The study tested the saliva of skateboarders and found that levels of testosterone spiked when the skateboarders were in the presence of attractive females. They also found that the skateboarders would try more difficult tricks to impress the ladies and that as a result the skateboards suffered more accidents or crashes.

Professor Bill von Hippel, who led the study, believes this is all part of man’s inherent inner caveman. He said, “Risk-taking would have been inherent in such a competitive mating strategy. Our results suggest that displays of physical risk-taking might best be understood as hormonally-fuelled advertisements of health and vigor aimed at potential mates, and signals of strength, fitness, and daring intended to intimidate potential rivals.”

However this risk-taking can have negative consequences. Von Hippel adds, “Other instances of physical risk-taking that contribute to men's early mortality, such as dangerous driving and physical aggression, might also be influenced by increases in testosterone brought about by the presence of attractive women.”

Oh, the price we men pay to be in the company of fine women!

Photo: altrendo images/Stockbyte/Getty Images