A Cast That Tracks Your Bones Healing

August 15, 2011

If you've ever broken a bone, one of the most aggravating things about it, beyond that unscratchable itch, is not knowing what your progress is. Is it healing? Will it be fully mobile? Can I try that BMX stunt again? You have no way of knowing. Until now...

Meet Bones, the cast that stalks you and uploads everything you do to the Internet.

Bones from Pedro Andrade on Vimeo.

We should explain. The cast in question has a series of electromyographic sensors inside of it. Basically, it measures the electrical activity in your muscles, and records all the data. Helpfully, it also tracks duration of use, what muscles were used, what exercises you did, what angle you held certain joints at, and also what you ate. OK, we made that last part up, but seriously, it tracks a lot of information.

What does it do with it all? It uploads it to a website, and allows you and your doctor to discuss any changes you need to make and also to track your progress as you build muscle and get closer to getting that darn cast taken off. And probably automatically sells it to a marketing company, but hey, everybody's got to make a living.

Source: Bones/Vimeo/Pedro Andrade