Mantenna - Thursday, October 8

October 8, 2009

Marge Simpson might be posing for Playboy, Marlon Wayans wants to be Richard Pryor, and a college athletic director has been sleeping with dozens of female students...I'll show you my Mantenna if you show me yours!

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Marge Simpson to Pose for Playboy?

Marge Simpson is set to appear on the cover of the November issue of Playboy. She’s also set to appear nude. Yes, you read that correctly. According to E! News, The Simpson matriarch will be featured in a three-page pictorial complete with an interview and a data sheet to mark The Simpsons' 20th anniversary.” But don’t worry -- the issue will also feature non-cartoon women in their birthday suits. [E! Online]

Guy Ritchie Thinks Madonna is "Retarded"

Madonna's former husband Guy Ritchie has conducted an interview with Esquire magazine, spilling the dirt on his marriage to the iconic singer. In the interview he says if the 51-year-old was put up against a 23-year-old she'd "outwork them, outdance them, outperform them. The woman is broad."  Ritchie also reveals that he still loves the "Like a Virgin" singer but ends the interview by saying, “she’s retarded.” Ouch. [Esquire]

John Woo Gets Back Into the Game

There’s been a conspicuous lack of John Woo’s presence in American cinema for a long time, but that might be about to end. He’s got two films in the cooker that might be made in the US, the first being a remake of the 1967 French film Le Samourai. Despite the fact that he made a film much like this titled The Killer, he’s intent on turning it into “a modern film.” The other project he’s been ruminating on is a film about Marco Polo, the famous explorer. Kids in pools everywhere would flock to the theaters for that one. Whichever way he goes, America would be glad to have Woo back. [Movie Line]

Marlon Wayans Wants to Be Richard Pryor

Sony Pictures and Happy Madison Productions are trying to cast the main role in their new film Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said – the main role being, or course, Richard Pryor. Eddie Murphy was set to star until, fortunately, a disagreement with Paramount Pictures ended the deal and the movie moved to a different studio. Now Marlon Wayans is vying for the role, even going as far as doing a 13-minute screen test in which the producers claim he “transforms into Pryor.” Does this mean one of the Wayans brothers is going to get some badly needed street cred? If so, here’s hoping he leaves the world of spoofs far behind. [Hollywood Insider]

Top 10 Bone-Crushing Hits in Youth Football History

We're well into football season and you know what that means -- America's youngsters are suiting up for their first Pop Warner games and the inevitable injuries that come with it. In honor of the season, the folks at Super Tremendous have graced us with a nice roundup of some of the most bone-crushing incidents from the realm of youth football. [Super Tremendous]

Barbra Streisand is Really On Top of the Charts Again?


Source: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Barbra Streisand’s new Love is the Answer LP trumped Paramore's Brand New Eyes and Mariah Carey's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel this week, earning Streisand her ninth Number 1 on the chart. The debut extends Streisand's lead as the female act with the most chart-toppers in the history of the Billboard 200. It's also the her best sales week and highest charting album since 1997, when Higher Ground started at No. 1 with 207,000. What year is this? [Variety]

College Athletic Director Probably About to Sleep with Dozens of Female Students

Mike Hamrick is living the dream! The newly-hired, 52-year-old athletic director at Marshall University recently took up residence in the girls' wing of a dormatory on campus. The unexpected (and awesome) move happened when the Las Vegas native asked his new school for temporary housing while he looked for a house. However, due to the late date of his request, the only transient bunking available was with more young, experimental freshmen girls than he knew what to do with. [Marshall Parthenon]

Apple Releases Much Needed iPhone 3.1.2 OS Update

If you're an iPhone owner, this is no doubt exciting news to you, as the last two iPhone updates, while chalk full of new awesome features, also brought with them a host of problems, too. 3.0 functioned so slowly, you might think your phone had frozen. And with 3.1, your phone actually DID freeze, quite often! So hopefully the third time is the charm here. Knowing Apple's OS updates, we're not going to hold our breath. [Engadget]

Japanese Company Selling Swine Flu-Resistant Business Suit

Japan's been particularly hard hit with this H1N1 influenza marching around the globe, so maybe it shouldn't be surprising that one of its companies has come up with an "anti-flu" suit... but it still is. Japanese clothier Haruyama Trading Company has developed and is now selling a men's suit which will supposedly ward off the H1N1 virus -- not the first time we've seen this idea. The suit, which looks exactly like any other, is coated in titanium dioxide (a popular ingredient found in sunscreen and toothpaste) which reacts when exposed to sunlight and kills the virus. So why didn't they just spray that stuff around in the first place? [CNET]

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