Deadliest Warrior: Loser's Bracket Show

July 22, 2009

Warriors 7
Deadliest Warriors -Season 2 Episode 7

Loser's Bracket Show
Eight of the nine losers from season one will square off in an elimination round that will decide the overall winner of Deadliest Warrior. Taliban vs. Yakuza, Knight vs. Gladiator, Viking vs. Ninja and Zulu vs. Maori.

Knight vs. Viking was changed due to the fact that they fought each other in 9-12th century France. Green Berets were not chosen as a match-up for the Taliban because they have also fought in real life. Shaka Zulu was changed into a generic Zulu warrior because there are no other named losers from season one.

Yakuza vs. Taliban
This will be a real apples and oranges fight between two groups who use fear in very different ways for very different ends.

Yakuza are members of traditional organized crime groups in Japan and are among the largest crime organizations in the world. In Japan, as of 2005, there are some 86,300 known members. However, Yakuza are no ordinary criminals; they apply the code of "jingi" (justice and duty) where loyalty and respect are a way of life.


The Taliban is a Sunni Islamic organization that ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001. Comprised of committed fundamentalist insurgents originating in the Frontier Tribal Areas of Pakistan, The Taliban are currently engaged in a protracted guerrilla war against the current government of Afghanistan, allied NATO forces participating in Operation Enduring Freedom, and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force. 


Fear vs. Terror
The Yakuza use fear to ensure silence and cooperation so they can expand their criminal empire without interference. The Taliban partnered with terrorist organizations and used the Koran as a weapon to take over an entire country.  Edge: Even

Close Combat
Sai & Nunchaku vs. Bayonet
Both the Nunchaku the Sai are versatile weapons used for damaging and disarming opponents, while the Bayonet is a single use weapon designed only to stab and kill. Edge: Yakuza

Walther vs. PKN Land Mine
The Walther pistol is an accurate if not powerful handgun while the PKN packs an explosive punch but relies on an enemy stumbling across it. Edge: Yakuza

Long Range
Sten Gun vs. AK-47
The Sten was an accurate sub-machinegun with a good rate of fire, but the AK-47 also has a high rate of fire and fires a much more powerful bullet. Edge: Taliban

Ceramic Grenade vs. RPG
The Ceramic Grenade packs a loud bang capable of wounding and disorienting several enemies, but the RPG can blast apart armored vehicles from 100 meters. Edge: Taliban

This was a hard match-up to judge because these warriors use such dissimilar weapons, but the edge must go to the Taliban because their heavy weapons are much more lethal than the Yakuza.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Yakuza  Taliban
Close       50      30   
Mid        100      50
Long       150     300
Special     80     240       
Total      380     620

Knight vs. Gladiator
This is sure to be a bloody battle to the death between two warriors who specialized in single combat against armored foes.

Knights were the elite armored strike force among Medieval European armies. As the champions of Kings, Knights endured strict training and excruciating hardships that also made them incredibly tough in battle. They had no fear of death and fought without mercy, because they believed their opponents were unbelievers and barbarians.


Gladiators were either captured soldiers from rival armies or condemned criminals selected for their ferocity, strength and skill. In Ancient Rome, they entertained the public with deadly and bloody battles to the death.To ensure the best spectacle, Gladiators were trained in the art of killing, using a wide range of lethal, crowd-pleasing weapons. Those who survived became legendary heroes. Losers became food for the lions and tigers that also fought for supremacy in the arena.

Steel vs. Bronze
Both warriors used shields and heavy helmets but, while the Gladiator's armor stopped there, the Knights armor covered his entire body in steel plates. Edge: Knight

Close Combat
Cestus & Scissor vs. Longsword
While the Cestus and Scissor were deadly against unarmored foes, they lack the armor penetration needed to kill a Knight. The Longsword may not be an exotic weapon, but it is efficient and deadly. Edge: Knight

Trident and Net vs. Halbard
Both of these weapons can hook, snare and pierce an opponent, but the Trident and net combination have a slight edge because the net is so versatile and the Trident can pierce armor. Edge: Gladiator

Long Range
Sling vs. Crossbow
The sling is extremely outclassed in this match-up because the Crossbow is much more deadly and accurate. Edge: Knight

Sica vs. Flail
The Sica is an interesting weapon designed to get around shields and armor, but the Flail is a vicious weapon designed to bust right through any defense. Edge: Knight

The Knight has a thousand years of technology on the Gladiator and a suit of armor designed to keep him from harm, rather than armor designed to keep him alive just long enough to die spectacularly. In the end, this will be no contest.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Knight Gladiator
Close      140      50    
170     180    
Long       120      20    
Special    190     130    
Total      620     380    

Viking vs. Ninja
This is an interesting match-up between two warriors from opposite ends of the world and with opposite ways of fighting.

Viking warriors fought with uncontrollable rage, and Their angry blood lust gave Vikings added strength that allowed them to ignore wounds. Vikings terrorized the coast lines of Northern Europe for three centuries and the only code they followed was to slaughter their enemies and take their valuables!!

The stealthy assassins of Japan's feudal era, Ninjas were legendary warriors who inspired fear, awe, and respect. Using the shadows to launch their sneak attacks against whomever they were paid to kill, their mastery of the art of assassination made them valuable to the samurai for espionage and political assassinations. Their wide array of weapons allowed them to kill in many ways.

Chain vs. Stealth
Viking warriors wore helmets, chain mail and carried large wooden shields into battle. Ninja used surprise attacks from the darkness to catch their enemies unaware. Edge: Viking

Close Combat
Long Sword vs. Ninjato
The Ninjato is fast and deadly but the Long Sword has the edge in reach and killing power. Edge: Viking

Great Axe vs. Kusarigama
The Great Axe can split a man in two with one mighty chop, but it is a very slow weapon. The Kusarigama is two weapons in one and can get past the Viking's defenses. Edge: Ninja

Long Range
Spear vs. Shuriken & Blowgun
Shurikens and Blowgun darts can be laced with poison and delivered with speed and accuracy, but the Viking Spear is deadly and can be used as either a melee or ranged weapon. Edge: Viking

Shield vs. Black Eggs
The Viking Shield is an excellent defensive weapon, but it lacks killing power. Black Eggs also lack killing power but their ability to incapacitate is overwhelming. Edge: Ninja

Wow, was this a tough fight to call. Both warriors have strengths and weaknesses that the other does not and both have weapons capable of defeating the other's fighting style. I'm going with a slight edge to the Viking because his weapons are just a little more outright deadly, whereas the Ninja really needs to use his skillfully to get kills.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Viking  Ninja
Close      220     100   
Mid        120     170
Long       13
0     120
Special     40     100
Total      510     490

Zulu Warrior vs. Maori Warrior
This is going to be an in-your-face battle between two warriors who love to do their killing up close and personal.

Military experts have called Zulus The 'Spartans of Africa' because, like the Spartans, Zulus fought in disciplined military units and trained their children to be warriors.

The Maori people believed that combat was sacred to their ancestors and they fought to acquire mana – spiritual power and prestige. Cannibalism was fueled by the desire to gain the mana of a foe defeated in battle. Unlike most native cultures, the Maori were never conquered.

Shield vs. Surprise
Zulu warriors carried light cowhide shields into battle which they used to deflect attacks and distract their enemies. Maori warriors used surprise attacks from the jungle to catch their enemies unaware. Edge: Zulu

Close Combat
Iklwa & Ishlangu vs. Mere Club
The Mere Club can break bones and crush skulls but the Iklwa and Ishlangu combination is extremely deadly and effective at close range. Edge: Zulu

Zulu Axe vs. Taiaha
The Zulu Axe can slice and dice but the Taiaha is versatile weapon that's good for both attack and defense. Edge: Maori

Iwisa vs. Stingray Spear
The Stingray Spear can cause some damage, but the Iwisa can be used up close or as a ranged weapon. Edge: Zulu

Spit of Poison vs. Sharktooth Club
The Spit of Poison is a devious distraction tactic, but it lacks killing power. The Sharktooth club can rip flesh and cause massive trauma. Edge: Maori

This will be a very good fight but I'm going with the Zulu because the Iklwa and Ishlangu combination will give them a decided advantage.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills      Zulu   Maori
Close      310     120   
Short      120     200
Mid         8
0      60
Special     10     100
Total      520     480
Taliban, Knight, Viking, Zulu.

Yakuza, Gladiator, Ninja, Maori.