Bruno Bonds with Fellow Austrian, The Governator

May 23, 2008


Bruno is the effeminate, Austrian arrow in the characterquiver of Sacha Baron Coen (Borat).  Theshtick: cut  your sleeves off, cut yourpants legs off.  Wait.  Buy tighter pants first.  Blonde highlights – lots of ‘em.  Now, find a redneck to ask about the latesttrend in Viennese fanny packs hitting the runway in Prague. Bring the funny.

Anyway, he’s filming another guerilla comedy movie for thischaracter that appears to be shaping up like, hm, let’s say like an Austrianbodybuilder on horse tranquilizers.

Ropesofsilicon has some pics of Bruno/Baron Coen harassing an obviouslyroid-raging Governator with an appropriately phallic mic position.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bruon, I’veincluded here his best clip of all time.  In it, he has a casual chat with some drunk-ass frat boys that literallydon their wrestling (shudders visibly) singlets beforestripping them at his request.