Why Yes, This is a Video of Vince Young Fighting at a Strip Club

June 14, 2010

Nothing good ever happens in the back room at a strip club... Especially if you’re a low-level employee on the receiving end of a Vince Young right cross.

Creiton Kinchen discovered this firsthand (or "firstfist" as the case may be) after flashing an upside-down “hook em’ horn” sign to Young.

In case you don’t live in Texas or study college football gang signs, the “hook ‘em horn” signal is a hand gesture that students and alumni make to show support for their school. It is considered extremely disrespectful to hold the sign facing down.

Young, who won a National Championship for UT in 2006, did what any self-respecting Longhorn trying to make “special arrangements” at a nudie bar would do upon seeing the heinous act.

He attempted to rearrange various body parts of the offending prankster.

Enjoy the beating.


Photo: Associated Press