CES 2009: SIRIUS and Panasonic Team up for Portable Satellite Radio

January 8, 2009

SIRIUS XM Radio and Pioneer unveiled the new XMp3 wearable satellite radio and MP3 player today, the first with simultaneous multi-channel recording capability.  

It also features a Programming Guide providing subscribers more ways than ever to discover and record their favorite content as well as the “Best of SIRIUS.”  The XMp3 has a micro-SD card slot for additional MP3 storage and includes the XM2go Music Manager software for organizing content.

The XMp3 features the ability to record up to 10 hours of individual songs from its live music channels.  Listeners can schedule up to five channels of recording simultaneously, allowing them to store up to 75 hours of sports, talk and commercial-free music programming.  In addition, the XMp3 includes an auto-record feature that automatically stores up to 30 hours of listeners’ favorite content.