Brett Favre Dragged Back to the NFL

August 17, 2010

Earlier this morning, the Minnesota Vikings sent behemoth mullet enthusiast Jared Allen to Mississippi to “convince” Brett Favre to come join the team. Several hours later, ESPN reported that Favre boarded on a plane headed for the twin cities.

Though Favre hasn’t confirmed his desire to seek attention for yet another NFL season, it does seem as though he is entertaining the idea a little more than previously reported.

“When asked about the report of Favre's plane heading to Minnesota and whether Favre would play for the team in 2010, Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said it's all speculation now,” ESPN reported.

So basically, either Favre is contemplating an NFL comeback, or just coming to the Vikings clubhouse to “say hi” and talk about the season finale of Lost.

(Stay tuned for more details about something that isn’t really news anymore.)

Photo: Tom Hauck/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images