Cleveland Browns Fans Plan Adorable Little Protest

October 29, 2009

Even though some people believe that the Cleveland Browns have exceeded expectations this season with their blazing 1-6 start, fans of the historically awful franchise are surprisingly disappointed. After a very narrow 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers (a game which really could have gone either way), the Dog Pound faithful have decided to spice up their upcoming Monday Night Football game with a little demonstration.

According to whatever qualifies as the local media in Cleveland, various “backers” of the team are encouraging people to walk out of the stadium during their nationally televised game against the Baltimore Ravens as a sign of discontent to the owners.

Apparently, Browns fans hope that the move will force their front office to start drafting less horrible players, make better offseason decisions, and try to do whatever they can to help the organization – which, if history tells us anything involves moving it to Baltimore.

The act should be entertaining in a “nobody cares,” sarcastic kind of way, but everybody in the sporting world is curious to know how exactly the protest will affect the chances of LeBron James re-signing with the Cavaliers this season.

Source: Larry French/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images