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Names for Baby Bro Mans

by Robbie E   July 25, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 2,870

What's up, bro? Back again this week with another edition of the Bro Man Blog. As we talked about in previous weeks, at some point there will be another me brought into this world. So the question is, what will the baby be called, bro? Here are the list of names me and my lady friend have chatted about possibly calling our child, bro.

5 - Robbie Jr. - Obviously, one Robbie E isn't enough in this world, bro. So why not make a second. If its a boy I mean Robbie E Jr. just sounds perfect. There def needs to be a mini me, bro.

4 - Robin E- In case it's a girl and not a boy Robin is the closest to Robbie, so, duh. For the rest of the info see number 5. You probably just read it, bro.

3 - V - Named after my barber, bro. I love to say "Yo, what up V?" Even my girl does, bro. So little baby V just sounds perfect, especially when you think about how much time I spend getting my look right, bro.

2 - Kya – Since one of my favorite little girls in the world is named Kya I think it would work perfect for my little daughter. Plus if I have a girl I will give her cool hair like me, bro. Keep the guys away!

1 - Bro - Obviously I would love to call my baby "Bro" Little Bro. I mean he would stand out and his teachers would love it! A sure honor student just like his dad, bro.

Until next week... Ohhhh... This was my Bro Man Blog, bro.

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