Large Hadron Collider Fails to Induce Apocalypse

September 10, 2008

Swedish scientists fired the worlds first large hadron collider for the very first time today, and everything went just peachy.  People that don't know how to make the science were scared this was going to blow the universe up.  Cool though that may have been, they misunderstood what was more likely to happen: creation of The God Particle (and a lot of nerdy, jumping, bespectacled high fives).

The collider is a big tunnel in the shape of a circle 17 miles long.  It's full of fancy machinery (skipping forward a bit here.  Do not build a large hadron collider at home). 

The idea is to accelerate protons around the circle in opposite directions and ramming them into each other at pretty close to the speed of light.  Scientists think this will create a "Higgs boson" mechanism which would fill in a lot of gaps in physics that's much to complex for this blog anyway. 

Take home lesson:  science is cool, and it never gets old to run your things into one another