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The Top Seven Ways Advertisers Lie to You

by bradiger   February 10, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 2,904

3. Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss


Source: Comcast

Another tactic often used by major companies is to re-brand product as being built by one company when it is actually made by another. For instance, when you buy a Chevrolet Aveo, you are actually buying a Korean-built Daewoo Kalos, with the Daewoo logos replaced with Chevrolet logos.

The logic behind this is that consumers will have more confidence in a product that is associated with a better known or higher quality brand, even if the product itself doesn’t perform to that standard.

This ploy is used for nearly every type of product imaginable – food, electronics, clothing, medicine – you name it. And if your company starts to get a bad reputation for whatever reason, it’s often easier (and cheaper) to just change the brand name than improve the product or service itself.


2. The Chicks Just Can't Resist Your Dandruff Shampoo


Source: Chris Stein/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Probably the most well-known mantra in advertising is “sex sells.” It has universal appeal, and it can be applied to almost everything you can sell. What does sex appeal have to do with food? Practically nothing, but you’ll watch a girl go to town on a meat lovers pizza in a commercial because of it.

Will buying a certain type of shaving cream make women want to caress your face? Honestly we'd be kind of suspicious of any woman who went from ice-cold to all-up-on-us just because of a switch to a new edgy bodywash brand. Is a specific brand of toothpaste going to get you laid? Will minty breath get you noticed on a crowded subway car?

Of course not, but advertisers know that if they pound that idea into enough people’s heads enough times, some of them will bite.

1. Built For Sexy Badasses, Just Like You


Source: Workbook Stock/Robert Llewellyn/Getty Images

Everyone has their own impression of how they appear to the rest of the world, or at least how they’d like to appear to the rest of the world. Advertisers realize this, and now more than ever, attempt to create an association in consumers’ subconscious between products and “types” of people.

Are you a gentleman, or a biker, or a business man based on the brand of alcohol you buy? On a literal level, everyone knows that's ridiculous, but it’s that reassuring idea that companies often employ to help sell products that have no association with the lifestyle or ideal they're relating it to.

What do clowns have to do with cheeseburgers? Absolutely nothing, but children will want to go to one fast food restaurant over another if they equate fun and happiness with that company’s products.

In summation: always remember that alternative sandwich spreads do not make you a non-conformist.


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