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Autopsy: Jesse Defies Death x3

by spike.com   June 19, 2009 at 2:01PM  |  Views: 824

We are three episodes into the series and amidst the very few naysayers and jealous haters, Dead Man is getting high praise for its exciting entertainment. Jesse has pushed the limits, challenged the odds, and beaten death down with his unmistakable low-key, relaxed approach to getting the job done. With a week off, I thought a recap of events might fit the bill perfectly.

Before we get rolling, there is something I need to share that I just can’t hold until its air date. Jesse James broke the land-speed world record for a Hydrogen Powered Internal Combustion Engine car on the Mojave Desert flats on June 17th while filming the final episode of Dead Man! Reaching a speed of 199.7mph shattering the old record of 185, Jesse was on his mark powering into the record books. While I can’t tell you any more then that just yet, the season finale will be one you won’t want to miss.

Jesse met the challenges: taming one of the most explosive rocket bikes on the planet, evading the cops in a high speed pursuit, and keeping Jack Frost from nailing the coffin shut in the cold arctic winter. Each time he took on the challenge, he came out on top, but his adventures are far from over as some of the strangest and more difficult tasks lie ahead.

In Nitro Bike he had a few bumps getting used to throttling and controlling the massive monster powered bike. The assumption that since Jesse is a skilled motorcycle rider would make this a piece of cake, couldn’t have been further from the truth. But with his success, even the pros were surprised to see how quick Jesse mastered the skills necessary to get down the track. While no records were broken, neither were any bones. And considering an explosion did occur on his ride, he handled the situation with extreme control and came back strong and got the job done. Although his bank account took a beating, he came out unscathed ready to take on his next challenge.  

In the Cop Chase, Jesse got a chance to run from the long arm of the law in a friendly-but-real game of Cops and Robbers. He had to rely on instinct, driving skills, and oh yeah, a little nitrous oxide, to put some distance between himself and being caught. Jesse doesn’t play when a challenge is put his way and neither did the cops. Each wanted to put the other one out of commission. On round one, it was close and was considered a draw or even one for the cops. But on round two, Jesse showed he could drive with the best, beat the PIT maneuver, take on the Spike Strips, and maintain his distance on two wheels to beat the cops, win the bet, and live to take on another challenge.

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