Round 1 Final Match: Aztec Jaguar vs Ninja

November 17, 2010

Ancient Mexico's sacrificial warrior is pitted against Japan's stealthy combatant to the Samurai!


Aztec Jaguar:

Short Range- Tecpatl (Knife)

Mid Range- Maquahuitl (Sword/Club/Chainsaw)

Long Range- Atlatl (Spear Launcher) and Tlacochtli (Spear)

Special- Tematlatl (Sling)

Armor- Cotton, Small wood Shield, Hardwood Helmet

Tactics- Speed and Stealth


Short Range- Ninjato

Mid Range- Kusarigama

Long Range- Blowgun and Shuriken

Special- Black Eggs

Armor- None

Tactics- Speed and Stealth


Short Range- Tecpatl vs Ninjato

Edge- Ninjato

The Tecpatl is a sharp knife, but it's still just a knife. It wasn't really used past sacrificial ceremonies, so it wasn't very effective on the battlefield. The ninjato is a very sharp mid sized sword that was made to be quick on the draw. It is better than the Tecpatl in pretty much every way, and it gives the Ninja the Edge in short range weapons.

Mid Range- Maquihuitl vs Kusarigama

Edge- Even

Both of these weapons are unbelievably effective. The Kusarigama is very hard to dodge, and the force with no doubt crack the helmet of the Aztecs. It also turns around into a short sickle for use after the Aztec has been debilitated by the weapon. It does, however, have to hit in the head to get an reliable instant kill. The Maquihuitl Does not suffer this. It has less range than the Ninja, but it has enough to get past his Ninjato. Once it hits, say goodbye to whatever body part the Obsidian blades have sunk into, as the Aztec can then tear the weapon out of you, either killing or debilitating you for the finishing blow. Because of how effective both of these weapons are, they are even.

Long Range- Shuriken and Blowgun vs Atlatl and Tlacochtli

Edge- Atlatl and Tlacochtli

The Ninja's two long range weapons can be effective, but they do not have very high range. The shuriken has to be dead on accurate to the head to kill. The Blowgun also has to hit an unarmored spot to do anything with it's poison. The tlacochtli spear is very deadly, and can hit anywhere to do massive damage. The Atlatl makes it twice as deadly, making it's no dodge zone around 50 feet, which is great because at the range it is also completely accurate. The ninja's going to have alot harder time with this than a javelin, and the gives the Aztec jaguar the Edge in Long range weapons.

Special Weapons- Black Egg vs Tematlatl

Edge- Black Eggs

Yeah, the Black eggs have no killability, but they are a very effective distraction technique, and can blind the Aztec for more than enough time for the Ninja to kill him. The Tematlatl is a sling. A very accurate and high quality sling, but a sling nonetheless. It's going to be very hard to hit a ninja in the right areas for this sling to kill such a fast moving target, and that's why the Ninja has the Edge in Special weapons.

Armor- None vs Cotton, Wood helmet and small shield

Edge- Aztec

The Ninja worked very well with no armor against Samurai, using his superior speed to quickly kill and get away from them so they couldn't kill them. However, in a face to face fight where you can't run away and come back when he's asleep, armor is a gamechanger, and the Aztec has really excellent armor for what he had to do, which was to be quick and efficient in taking sown enemies to bring back to be sacrificed. It will effectively repel any slashes, and provideds padding, so it gets the Aztec the Edge in Armor.

Tactics- Same

 They have the same basic tactics, wait until the last possible moment to show yourself and attack.


An Aztec Jaguar is jogging through a forest, tasked with going to a nearby tribe and taking one of their babies during the night for sacrifice. As he is running, he feels something bounce off the top of his helmet. He quikly turns and readies his Maquahuitl, but sees nothing. He turns back around and suddenly his helmet gets pierced by a shuriken. He looks up and sees a Ninja in the tree above him.

The Ninja takes out another Shuriken, and aims for his face. Before he can throw it, the Aztec quickly launches a tlacochtli at him using his Atlatl. It gets stuck in the branch the ninja is on, but the Ninja's attempt to dodge it makes him fall out of his tree. He quickly jumps up onto his feet and takes out his Ninjato.

The Jaguar takes his sling from his waist and launches a stone at the ninja, missing him by a few inches. The Ninja charges towards the Aztec, who readies his Maquahuitl. The Aztec swings, but the ninja rolls under the swing and slashes the Aztec, with the slice grazing the Cotton armor of the Aztec. Suprised, the Ninja is kicked by the Aztec, knocking him down.

The ninja drops his Ninjato and swaps it for his Kusarigama. He begins to swing it around him, scaring the Aztec back. The Ninja swings his Kusurigama at the Jaguar, who ducks under it and tries to block it with his Maquahuitl. The Kusurigama wraps around the Maquahuitl, becoming stuck. Both warriors pull at their respective weapons, when suddenly the Ninja charges at the Aztec with his sickle.

Seeing this, the Aztec throws the tangled mess at the Ninja and runs back. The Ninja tries to pursue him with his sickle, but he cannot keep up while dragging along the other weapons behind him. He drops his Kusurigama and picks up his Ninjato. The Aztec takes out his tecpatl and readies himself.

The Ninja slowly closes in on the Aztec. The Aztec stands ready. The Ninja gets about 5 feet away and quickly slashes at the neck of the Aztec, who rolls around the Ninja and stabs the Ninja's arm. The Ninja drops his sword and falls to his knees as the Aztec gets ready to sacrifice him on the spot. Suddenly, the Ninja takes a Black egg out and throws it into the Aztec's eyes, blinding him. He picks up his Ninjato and cuts the Aztec's neck in half. The Ninja seaths his sword, and climbs up into a nearby tree, awaiting his next victim.

Winner: Ninja

Final Assessment:

The Ninja's superior short range weapons and amazing speed gave him the win.

Final Results:

Ninja- 507 Kills

Ninjato- 156 Kills

Kusarigama- 338 Kills

Blowgun- 11 Kills

Shuriken- 2 Kills

Black Egg- 0 Kills

Best Weapon- The Ninja's Kusarigama beat and cut down the Aztec 338 times

Worst Weapon- The Shuriken got two kills

Aztec Jaguar- 493 Kills

Tecpatl- 47 Kills

Maquahuitl- 312 Kills

Tlacochtli- 127 Kills

Tematlatl- 7 Kills

Best Weapon- The Maquahuitl shredded the Ninja 312 times

Worst weapon- The Tematlatl only got 7 kills. Good for a sling though.