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Accolades, Lights out, Hollywood trailers, Easier to promote

by Openfilm   June 25, 2009 at 9:28AM  |  Views: 53


Check this out...

Movie Maker Magazine names Openfilm one of the 50 best websites for moviemakers!

We're honored and humbled. Openfilm.com has been named "one of the 50 best websites for moviemakers" by Movie Maker Magazine. The magazine will be out later this month. For more useful resources, visit the link.

Speaking of accolades...

We want to learn about the awards you and your films have received. No honor is too small - so include them all! We're also interested in what festivals you've participated in or plan to enter. Please send this information to info@openfilm.com.

Lights Out!

Don't you just love the anticipation that sets in when the lights dim in the movie theater? Now that same excitement comes to Openfilm.com thanks to the new "Light's Out" feature on our video player's tool bar.

Just click on the half moon icon and everything around the screen goes dim. Enjoy the show.

Preview Hollywood Blockbusters.

Summer is here, which means it is time for Hollywood to release their mega-budget films.

Even indie buffs like us enjoy a big studio flick every once in a while! Preview the latest movies, including Transformers, 2012, Land of the Lost, Angels and Demons and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, on the new "A3 Film Trailers" channel. Best of all, these trailers were put on our site to introduce new audiences to Openfilm, so don't be surprised if you pick up a few new fans along the way!

Reaching out to your friends and subscribers just got easier.

In an effort to help our filmmakers communicate with their fans and followers, we've enhanced the Compose Message capabilities in the My Messages section of your Dashboard. You can now send an email blast to all of your friends and subscribers.

Just click on "Add all" and everyone in your directory will receive your message.