Spartan vs Knight

December 31, 2010

Sorry about it being kinda rushed, I am going to be very busy later on today and will probably have no time to writethis tommarow...OK


A Knight, the European Battle Tanks fights a Spartan, the Greek Battle Tank. Who will be the real Battle Tank? Well it will be a fight to the death to see who is the DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

The Knight fights with:

Short Range: Broadsword

Medium Range: Halbred

Long Range: Crossbow (2 Bolts)

Special Weapon (varied range): Morning Star

Armor: Steel Plates, Shield

Stragety: Kill all nonbelivers

The Spartan Fights back with:

Short Range: Xiphos Short Sword

Medium Range: Dory Spear

Long Range: Javelin

Special Weapon (varied range): Hoplon

Armor: Bronze, Wood & Bronze Shield

Stragety: Phalnax

Broadsword vs Xiphos Short Sword EDGE: EVEN

Suprised? Well the Broadsword IS longer, but the Broadsword wont penetrate bronze, and he has that shield to get though also, whereas the Xiphos cant penetrate either, but if the Spartan can close the Distance, he would be able to strike the Knight in the neck or face, AND he has a shield protecting him as well. So due to the pros and cons of both these weapons, its even.

Halbred vs Dory Spear EDGE: Halbred

While the Dory Spear is longer, it wont penetrate armor, the Halbred will penetrate armor, and as long as the Knight aims high, it will put holes in the Shield.

Crossbow vs Javelin EDGE: Crossbow

The crossbow is more accurate and if the Spartan is within less than 10 feet, the Spartan wont have enough time to react and will get a bolt in his face I.E EYEHOLES and it may penetrate the top part of the Spartans armor. Also the Javelin cant penetrate armor.

MorningStar vs Spartan Hoplon Shield EDGE: Spartan Hoplon Shield

The Shield can be used for Offense and Defense, so I am guessing the blunt force will kill the Knight if he gets hit in the head with the Shield. BUT the Morningstar can only beat down the Shield.

Steel Plates, Shield vs Bronze, Wood & Bronze Shield EDGE: EVEN

Steel is stronger than bronze, but the Knights shield wont protect his entire body like the Spartans will. So the only weapon that will be a problem to the Spartan would be the Halbred.

Kill all nonbelivers vs Phalnax EDGE: Phalnax

"The greatest Defense is the Greatest Offense" Not sure who actually said this, but I agree with this all the way, and "Kill all nonbelievers" is just kinda like a morale to keep fighting.



Short Range: EVEN

Medium Range: Knight

Long Range: Knight

Special Weapon (varied range): Spartan

Armor: EVEN

Stragety: Spartan

It will be a battle of opposites: Steel vs Bronze, Offense (KNIGHT) vs Defense (SPARTAN), Large Shield vs Small Shield, Horse vs Foot. Its time to find out who is the DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

To give the Spartan a fighting chance, the Knight will not be using a Shield.

-The Knight WILL be on horseback though.

-Area: Open Field

The Spartan does his oh-so-famous Spear/Shield stance while patroling the area. The Knight comes in galloping on his horse. The Knight then see the Spartan, the Spartan seeing the Knight riding the horse. The Spartan yells "SPARTA!!!" which intimidates the Knight as the Spartan puts his Spear in the Ground while he gets his Javelin.

The Knight commands the Horse to go towards the Spartan as he swings his Morningstar, making it build up momentum. The Horse quickly gets close as the Spartan throws the Javelin, hitting the horse in the leg. The Horse Neighs/yells in pain as it slams to the ground, knocking the Knight over, causing him to slam the ground. The Spartan laughs as he grabs his Spear and runs toward the Knight. The Knight examines his Horse, realizing the it wont be able to run for a whlile, turns around to be rammed by the Spartans Shield, causing his to slam the ground again, the Knight still having a firm Grip on the Morning Star. The Spartan thrusts his Spear at the Knight. The Knight throws the MorningStar around the Spear, which coils around it, the Knight then plants his hand on the end of the Spear and rips the Spear away from the Spartan. The Spartan swings the Shield at the Knight, who ducks and digs the Morning Star into the ribs of the Spartan, it does penetrate, just not that deep enough for an effeciant strike. The Spartan Grunts in pain as he rips out the MorningStar. The Knight takes out the Broadsword and the Spartan takes out the Xiphos. Each start clanging swords, the Knight gaining the upper hand by knocking off the helmet by pretending to aim at the Spartans legs but quickly knocking the helmet off. The Knight throws a slash to the Spartans head but the Spartan swings his big shield and knocks the Broadsword away. The Spartan throws a slam at the Knights head but due to the weight of the Shield somewhat straining his arm, doesnt kill him. The Knight, dazed, runs away as the Spartan chases him.

The Knight however quickly comes back to his senses. The Spartan, realizing that he is not getting anywhere, roars at the Knight. The Knight, knowing that the Spartan will continue chasing him until he dies runs toward his horse, which is holding the Crossbow and Halbred. He grabs the Crossbow and gets ready. He fires 2 Bolts, one hitting him right between the eyes, protected by the Helmet and the other one bouncing off his Shield. The Spartan gets closer as the Knight charges with the Halbred. The Spartan stops dead in his tracks as he looks at the marvolus Spear. The Spartan closes in as the Knight thusts the Halbred multiple times, putting some holes around the top of the Shield. The Knight then uses one of the ends to move the Shield around, turning the entire Spartan around, the Knight kills the Spartan by thusting the Halbred though the back of the Spartans head. The Knight Examines the dead Spartan as he yells in victory.

Assesment: (Why he/she won)

The Knight had 2 weapons made to wear down armor, Morningstar and Halbred, had longer weapons, superior weapons and armor.



Halbred: 252 Kills

Crossbow: 250 Kills 

MorningStar: 139 Kills

Broadsword: 65 Kills

The Halbreds armor piercing power, multiple uses and length got an amazing 252 Kills.

The Crossbows accuracy and speed got 250 kills, not very far from the Halbred.

The MorningStars short range but Armor piercing/wearing down power got 139 Kills.

The Broadswords inability to pierce armor got 65 kills, making it the only weapon that the Knight lacks in on kills.

Overall, the Knights weapons were designed to pierce armor, and his superior armor, and the fact he has a horse is what really made him win. But due to the fact that the Knight Excells in close quarters combat really made the difference here.



Hoplon Shield: 208 Kills

Xiphos Short Sword: 56 Kills

Dory Spear: 30 Kills

Javelin: 0 Kills

The Hoplons abilty to protect and cause blunt force to the head at the same time got 208 Kills.

The Xiphos's ability to be combined with the Shield made its versitility get 56 Kills.

The Dorys Length got 30 Kills.

The Javelins inaccuracy and unability to penetrate armor got 0 kills.


UP NEXT: A Mongol, the fierce fighters from Asia fights an Apache, America's first known Guerilla Fighters.