The Auction Hunters Skate Away Winners

August 26, 2011
This week the boys head to the largest shipping port, a vacation town, a big fishing town, and more importantly, "Money, money, money!" according to Ton – that's right, the Auction Hunters hit Long Beach, CA! This peninsula is home to a wealth of storage units filled with treasure, so let's see if the boys meet their mark this week.


Sold For: $500

Everyone loves cop gear, right? Well, Ton and Allen find the holy grail of bulletproof wear, a ballistics face armor! After Ton puts on the mask and pretends he's Jason Voorhees, he knows this isn't any ordinary mask. Heading to the gun range, the boys meet up with Shaun, a retired Police Officer and an avid weapons collector. Shaun cuts to the chase quickly, and lets them know this badboy can stop a .44 magnum in its tracks. Finally, a sweet deal is made: Ton gets to shoot at Shaun's own ballistics face armor, if they are willing to give Shaun a deal on this one. Ton has a blast, shooting at the mask which is covering a watermelon (an appropriate substitute for a human head, no doubt), and then Allen finally gets down to business. After some fierce negotiation over a few slices of watermelon, Allen says they'll take $500 for the ballistics face armor and will throw in a donut. You'd think a cop would go crazy over that stereotype, right? Not Shaun, he accepts the deal happily and the boys head on home with their cash.

This week was a cash cow in itself for the Auction Hunters – they spent only $1,400, sold tactical gear for $500, the vintage boards for $2,500, two awesome mini bikes for $800, and everything else for a nice $1,500. All in all, the boys made $3,900 in profit and enjoyed some cool watermelon and shooting at a ballistics mask – what more could a guy ask for?

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